He'll Make a Way

God is so good.

I've been praying recently about two specific situations in my life that only God can change. Last week a song I hadn't heard in years came to my mind...

"He'll make a way where there is no way."

I knew God was speaking to my heart. I shared the experience with my family and that I had also been praying to hear His voice more in the details of my life.

So Saturday night my family and I were talking about faith and how God IS in the details of our lives but sometimes we don't even realize it because we're just not paying attention to all the ways He speaks to us. Sometimes we're not asking or expecting Him to be involved. I mentioned that my favorite scriptures are Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20.

Fast forward to Sunday morning service at Northridge Church in White House with my family. In one of the songs the worship team led, there was a line about God having made a way where there was no way and knowing that He would do it again. And then Pastor Derek, in his sermon about God not abandoning us and our dreams, spoke on Joseph and quoted Genesis 50:20.

This might sound small to some and random to the cynic, but I know I heard from God. This is just one of many times in my life when God has emphasized that He was speaking to me by confirming it more than once in a short space of time.

In my earlier life, I did not believe God was intimately involved with the little details of my life at all. I just thought He was too big, had too much important stuff to deal with, etc. But the more I've opened my heart and my mind to see how involved He truly is, the easier it is to trust Him and give my cares to Him. I'm no longer trying to perform for His love, acceptance or approval. I'm trying to honor my loving and faithful Father from a heart of gratitude. Unmerited grace, love, mercy and forgiveness is what He offers if we will only accept His gifts. On top of abundant and eternal life, of course. He doesn't want to control us. He wants to have a relationship with us. He wants us to thrive in His love and grace and extend what we've received to those around us.

I've lived long enough and trusted Him enough times to know He is taking care of me at ALL times and is working ALL things for my good no matter how trying or how confusing the details may be. His eye truly is on the sparrow. And I know He watches over me.