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Reflections on a week I will never forget and my tribute to Sheryl

I am home this morning after a long, difficult week filled with both grief and precious memories. It feels good to be home and strange to be home (in WV) at the same time. WV has been home base since February 2012. WV has been our primary home ever since we bought a business here. And I've made many wonderful friends here. But Nashville will always be home as well because it's where my family and many lifelong friends are. I also love the city of Nashville. So no matter which direction I'm going between here and there, it kind of feels like I'm always traveling "home." Which is nice. I'm thankful for our cozy condo there. It's a little haven for me to spend regular time in and stay connected physically to so many people I love and miss. John and I left for several days in Nashville on June 1. We thought the only purpose of our trip was to be with his mom for a new treatment she was about to begin. I always go to be with her for medical appointments. I…

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