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Whole 30 - Day #1

I'm not going to blog every single day about my Whole 30 maiden voyage! But I do want to share and record my experience (even if only for my own documentation and reflection).

As I'm typing this, onion/potato/spinach/tomato have been sliced and diced and are now simmering in the frying pan with some rosemary olive oil. I don't want to turn the heat up past medium with the olive oil, so it's taking a bit to get the potatoes browned. When they are just right, I will push the veggies to the pan edges and fry a couple of eggs over medium to mix in with this delicious breakfast hash.

I have not purged my cupboards or even gone to the grocery store yet. This was what I had on hand and I wanted to start today, so this is breakfast. I thought about just having sliced tomato and a hard boiled egg. But when I realized I had the ingredients for a more nutritious and satisfying meal, I opted to cook.

The hardest thing for me this morning is making myself eat so soon after waking up. …

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