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If you've done your best, then rest

I love the way God speaks. He always emphasizes a message more than once.

God gave me the word RELEASE for 2018. And I have been working on releasing all struggles and all outcomes to God. 

I am not talking about denial or avoidance or slacking. I believe God has given me a task of consciously releasing everything that is not within my control to Him; including thoughts that are not constructive, thoughts that drain me spiritually and emotionally, thoughts that discourage me and rob me of contentment.

There are times I catch myself in mid-thought and remind myself audibly to release whatever is troubling me. Interrupting the internal dialog is powerful and it does work. It's been a valuable exercise already, even though there's still a lot of room for more progress.

I have been listening to a podcast this year called Typology. The host of the podcast is Ian Morgan Cron, the author of The Road Back to You, which helps you find and understand your personality number on the Enneagram…

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