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Why I lost interest in Whole30...

I knew I was going to have to post a follow up to my last post (written on Day #1 of attempting Whole30). I considered just deleting that post and pretending I had never mentioned it. But then I saw how many people actually read it and I thought I would share "the rest of the story."

Many of my Facebook friends already know my journey well because I was posting status updates and food pics almost daily. I lasted 11.5 days complying strictly. I did have two unintentional noncompliant foods. But I ignored them because I had not chosen noncompliance. I accidentally ate a bite of something without checking the label and it had a little sugar in it. The other time, I forgot to ask if there was sugar in the marinade of a six ounce steak I ordered. The steak was so amazing, I wondered what was in their marinade (on my last bite). And that led to the next thought of, "Oh no, I didn't think to ask what was in the marinade." As it turned out, sugar was an ingredient. Bu…

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