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In February 2012 we began the adventure of John Howerton Honda in Beckley, West Virginia. We bought the business having never even visited WV prior to a broker calling to say there was a Honda dealership John might be interested in taking a look at there. 

John has been in the car business for the better part of four decades and in multiple locations. He started out young in the wash bay, worked his way to sales, finance, management, and general manager before having the opportunity to become a minority partner and then a 50% operating partner, and finally reaching his ultimate goal of sole ownership. He had many opportunities to opt for a bigger salary over the years, but it wasn't all about money for him. It was about his career path and achieving his goals.

When we bought the Beckley Honda store and established new ownership as John Howerton Honda, John had an additional goal for the remaining years of his career. Since he has worked six days a week his entire career (even as an …

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