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Trust the One with the Plan

Life presents us with many situations in which to feel inadequate and ill-equipped for the journey we find ourselves on. Whether I feel strong and resilient or I feel confused and lost, I know where my strength comes from.
I've had both kinds of days over the past week. One day I believe I have made wise decisions. Other days I am overwhelmed with self-scrutiny and self-doubt I thought I had overcome. The attack surprises me with its sudden appearance. The root is deep and, like a weed, it emerges through the tiniest crack in the sidewalk. Along with it, there are always tears and that deep ache I've felt so many times in my life. But I refuse to sink into it. I will keep looking up, knowing that there is no situation, no relationship and no person that God is unable to redeem and restore. Including me. I've experienced His faithfulness and His promise to work all things for our good so many times.
Whether we feel we've done the right things or the wrong things... Whether…

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