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Two Weeks to Sixty!

I celebrated the conclusion of my fifties on a 7 day cruise with my beautiful niece Lexi in April. In another two weeks, I will celebrate the beginning of my sixties with my husband in Turks and Caicos. I chose this photo for this blog post because the serenity in my face here matches what I'm feeling in my heart as I approach a new decade of my life. And, as we grow older, the times when what we see in our face matches up with what we feel inside are fewer and further apart. Some days, the only person I recognize in my reflection is my mom!

However, internally, though not always physically, I feel more vibrant and alive today than I did in my thirties. Internally, I feel at peace with my life and choices. Internally, I am more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been previously. I've grown to not only accept my flaws and weaknesses, I have learned to embrace them. I no longer have any desire to change who I am or the traits God assigned to me at birth. Every time I sta…

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