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A Different Christmas

This is a different Christmas for us. Just John and me. Breaking away from our normal traditions and treating ourselves to warmth, sunshine, and time together in one of our favorite places.

I'm always thankful for John. But maybe extra thankful for him this year because I can't imagine how I would have gotten through 2017 without him.

This has been a year filled with disappointment, heartbreak, and deep wounds. Some wounds that we experience in life are not deep and they fade away with time. If they even leave a scar, it's one we don't notice. The wounds I've experienced this year are not those kind. They are the kind that keep bleeding ... right through the bandages you keep applying. And even when the wound no longer gapes open and bleeds, it's tender and easily reopened. Some days, you think you're finally beginning to heal. And other days, you wonder, Will I ever? But you remind yourself not only that you will, but why you will.

Christmas. The birth of our…

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