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Adversity and Triumph: Can't have one without the other

I have been thinking a lot lately about how God loves to turn the tables of adversity into opportunity and triumph when we trust Him. My life is such a perfect example of that.

My abusive ex-husband did everything in his power to hold me back and hold me down for 27 years. He reinforced every insecurity I ever struggled with. A friend once told me (and I have never forgotten this) "He uses YOU against YOU." He knew me so well. He knew all my buttons. He knew all my wounds. And he used those to his advantage because what he cared about most was power and control. He told me my own family didn't love me in order to weaken me. And I remember him laughing while telling me that even if he had more money than he knew what to do with, he would never waste it on buying me a large diamond. I don't remember ever asking him for a larger diamond. But that wasn't the point.

The message he was sending was, You wouldn't be worth that to me no matter how wealthy I was.

I sp…

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