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Which kind of person are you?

As the end of another year approaches, I was thinking today about two kinds of people and two ways to live. Do we live with or without regret?

When the topic of "regret" comes up, some people will tell you emphatically that they don't believe in regrets. One in particular I know says it this way: "I don't have regrets. You have to take the good with the bad, the wins with the losses. There are risks that don't turn out as you hoped they would, but nothing would be gained if you never took a risk at all. And even when you lose, hopefully you learn something." 

Then there are those of us who don't like taking risks and are hard on ourselves when we make any mistakes. Since none of us are perfect and we all will make countless mistakes over a lifetime, this group has a harder time relating to the "no regrets" type of person.

I'm in the second group. I ask in bewilderment, "How can you not regret a wrong choice? How can you not wish you …

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