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Not the same person I used to be...

I love to read quotes until I find just the right one for my present moment of contemplation. I try not to share the quotes that resonate in a negative way; choosing instead those that might encourage someone else as I attempt to encourage myself. Today, this is the quote that speaks loudly to my heart. And it makes me feel inspired to write; something I don't do as often as I used to.

I have been in a time of shifting for a while now. It was subtle at first. But it built to a crescendo over a year ago. I finally recognized that I had progressed to a point where I was compelled to make difficult choices; choices I knew would be followed by consequences. And today I find myself in the reverberation of the crescendo. I long for the day when the reverberation becomes a diminuendo. (If you are not familiar with these musical terms, I'll let you look them up.) I long for my soul to feel still. But right now, I am stuck with reverberation.

Grief is not limited to death. I have been in…

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