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My Veggie Lasagna

This is for all my friends who ask how I make my lasagna. I hope this helps you duplicate what you've enjoyed at our table!

With a little olive oil (I spritz it and don't measure), gently saute' all your veggies. In this deep pot I have onion, mushrooms, red and green pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, riced cauliflower, riced broccoli, and fresh baby spinach leaves (I pull the long stems off).

I used a frozen bag of riced veggies, one sweet onion, one large tub sliced fresh mushrooms, one large zucchini, one large yellow squash, 2/3s of the fresh peppers (I had already used part of each for homemade thousand island dressing, so this used them up), and one large tub of organic fresh baby spinach. But quantities can be adjusted per your taste. Other veggies can be added or some left out. I don't always make it exactly the same and this is a very adaptable "recipe."

After the veggies have cooked down some (but are not too soft), add the sauce and let the pot simmer …

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