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Integrity and Self-Respect

There is a lot of talk these days about self-respect and self-love; liking ourselves as opposed to striving to be liked or loved by others. And as I was contemplating integrity (not even sure why my thoughts came to land there this particular morning), it occurred to me how essential integrity is to liking and respecting ourselves.

At times in my life, I really haven't liked myself all that much. I thought I needed to change who I was and be someone more pleasing or acceptable to other people. Those were the times I was most focused on what I was or was not receiving from others (love, respect, approval, acceptance). I would often compromise or apologize for who I was in order to gain the approval or favor of someone I thought I needed validation from. But I've learned that even when we gain what we think we long for, we lose something more valuable. We lose more and more of ourselves and our intrinsic self-worth as human beings. 

What amazes me from the perspective of today is …

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