Monday, August 30, 2010

An example of my oblivious nature...

I often make minor alterations to the appearance of my blog. Occasionally, while tweaking things, I hit a button accidentally and make an unwanted change. I apparently did this over the weekend. Last night and this morning, I looked at my blog several times and thought, "It doesn't look the same. Something's missing." But I couldn't figure out immediately what was different.

DUH! It finally dawned on me that I had unintentionally removed the gazing beyond my toes into the ocean picture from our trip to Barbados! I had to laugh at myself. It should have been obvious. Only "Miss Oblivious" would have to stare at it for a while to figure it out.

I am not a visual person. I am auditory. I am deeply introspective and sometimes overly analytical. But I'm definitely not visual. I have a hard time visualizing a concept (like potential changes to a house). And sometimes I don't even see things right in front of me.

I trip a lot. I bump into things and walk into walls. I'm a disgrace to my gender because I truly do not multi-task well. I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time. It's partly because I'm a bit clumsy, but also because I'm unobservant of the physical world around me.

A friend once told me she didn't care for the title of my blog. She meant it as a compliment; explaining that, in her opinion, I was very intelligent and far from oblivious. She thought I was demeaning myself with that title. But I disagreed. I explained to her that one of the things that has gotten me through life thus far is the gift of being able to laugh at myself.

I remember when John and I were first married. He said this to me on many occasions, but I remember one specific time (maybe it was the first time) vividly. We were standing inside our walk-in closet. He loves to tease. But it is never mean-spirited. The way John teases me makes me feel cute and amusing to him. I have never felt belittled by him. So, on this occasion, he was teasing me about some little quirk of mine and I started laughing -- because he was right and it was funny.

He looked at me in utter amazement and said, "I can't believe I can say that to you and you just LAUGH! I LOVE that about you!" And I said, "Really? Why is that so amazing?" Suffice it to say, he had never experienced that in a relationship before. I guess that is one of the things that makes me perfect for him. I really do have a sense of humor about myself, my shortcomings and my quirky traits.

There is something so freeing about being accepted and loved just as you are.

It's such a gift to know I don't have to be perfect to be loved.


Anonymous said...


I read this post and laughed. After knowing you my whole life I totally get this post. You are so perceptive and quick in just about anything but there is a side to you that is so innocent and gullible that I find an endearing quality. I just want you to know I really miss you and thank you for praying for me. As you know, I have been going through some tough things but can honestly say that God has given me such a peace that I never knew existed. It feels so good to know how much my family loves me and to know who my true friends are. I just miss the fun times we had in CA. I hear Nordstrom is coiming or here and after my surgery I want to do a Nordstrom run with you. Just wanted to share with you that I smiled and laughed inside reading this entry, cause I know you and love you!

Love Kelly

Shari said...

Thanks, Kelly! You know I love you too and always have! I'm so glad you are doing well. I would love for my first trip to our new Nordstrom to be with you! : )

The Buckner Bunch said...

Love it, Shari! I thought I was the only one who walked into walls...or in my case most of my co-workers...bless their hearts!