Thankful for Healing that Comes through Expression

My original goal was a gratitude post every day in November. I'm glad I stated right up front that I might not write every day and I wasn't going to give in to perfectionism. Because I lived up to that goal.

I've skipped multiple days ... and it hasn't bothered me a bit.  

I have been grateful. I just haven't felt like writing.

When I am too busy or don't feel the inspiration to write, I remind myself that not even my friends are waiting with bated breath for the next blog post, asking themselves, "Gosh, I wonder what Shari is grateful for today!"

I don't know whether I will feel inspired to write anything worth reading in the remaining days of November or not. Maybe. But I'm thankful that I will probably be so distracted by living my life and enjoying family in the coming days that I won't feel the need to blog.

This past week, ever since the events in Paris, I've noticed how words can just become noise. Even my own. And as I've thought about possible blog posts, I realized that I didn't want to add more noise if I didn't have something meaningful to say.

I love having a blog; an outlet to share what's on my heart and mind. But in recent years, I've noticed that I'm not as driven to be heard as I once was. I think there's an obvious reason for that.

For so much of my life, I didn't have a voice. I was always trying to have a voice, wanting to be heard and understood. It's certainly not that I never spoke up. I just didn't believe anyone was listening or truly caring. In my 27-year-long abusive marriage, my feelings were irrelevant and unwelcome. In my spiritual environment, I was expected to suppress whatever I felt or thought that didn't line up with the dictates of my pastor.

I felt like someone was always wanting me to stifle my voice, leaving the things they didn't want to hear unsaid.

When I left the cult I was raised in and dared to speak of my convictions openly, I was asked why I couldn't just leave quietly. Why did I have to be vocal? Why couldn't I just keep all my feelings, opinions and convictions to myself?

I totally get why "Let it Go" is such a powerful song and message for young girls. Conceal, don't feel is a message I received throughout my life and one I could not comply with.

I believe that the more others try to suppress our voices, the stronger our need to be heard grows. At least, I know it's true of me. 

There is no one trying to quash my person, my spirit or my freedom of expression today. And subsequently that burning desire to "be heard" has gone from a flame to an ember.

I am heard.

My feelings do matter to the people closest to me.

And I'm not chasing acceptance or approval the way I have at other times in my past.

I've even developed the ability to accept, as a part of life, being misunderstood and misjudged.

I feel liberated.

I think this quote from Lisa Kleypas explains why... 

Lisa Kleypas

So I'm thankful I have a voice. 

I'm thankful I have people in my life who don't want to stifle and silence me. 

I'm thankful for the ability to write and share my thoughts. 

I'm thankful I have been given an opportunity in life to touch and inspire others by sharing my ongoing story. 

I'm thankful for the healing that has come through expression -- for all of us who have dared to fully express ourselves... 

But I'm also thankful for so many days when I don't feel compelled to write because I'm simply too wonderfully distracted by living my life and appreciating my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
May we all find happiness through gratitude!


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YES !!! I love this

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