Husbands Who Love Their Wives

I love being in the presence of happily married couples who treat each other with love and respect. And -- take this the way I mean it -- I have a special love and admiration for husbands who truly love and cherish their wives.

Because of my own past, I am more "tuned in" to the vibes I feel from husbands toward their wives. I notice condescending words and behavior even when they are subtle. I also notice the flip side. I can just feel it when a husband not only loves his wife, but admires and treasures her. It shows not only in his words, but in his tone and touch.

Being with a couple where this kind of love is alive (especially after many years) is magical for me. It just makes me happy.

I remember many years ago, as a young woman still in an abusive relationship, feeling such deep admiration for a husband who stood out to me as a man who deeply loved and cherished his wife. The way he looked at her and talked about her exuded his appreciation for her. This couple was a generation ahead of me in age. I didn't envy his wife. I just remember feeling joy for her and trying to imagine what it would feel like to have that kind of marriage and husband. (Never daring to imagine that one day I would!)

Don't misunderstand. Theirs wasn't the only happy marriage I was exposed to. My own parents were happily married for thirty years before my mom died of colon cancer. My mom had been my dad's rock and I knew he loved her. But there was just something so special (to me) about the way Will spoke to and about Joan that impressed me and touched my heart ... again and again and again.

I haven't seen Will and Joan in years, but those memories are forever etched on my heart.

We recently spent time with some dear friends at their home in Florida. Dale and Rebecca live in south Florida, but have a vacation home here in Glade. We used to lease the condo next to them here and that's how we first became friends. They are both such thoughtful people. Rebecca has surprised us with baked treats on more than one occasion, and on winter visits Dale would always shovel the snow in front of our condo as well as his own. We've become so close that they invited us to drive over to their home and spend the night the last time we were in Naples. They were about an hour from our hotel so rather than drive back late after going out to dinner, we took them up on their offer to stay and have breakfast the next morning.

Dale and John both like to have fun and tease. They play off each other and keep Rebecca and I laughing. We always have a good time. But my favorite thing about Dale is how much he loves Rebecca. There's so much love and respect between the two of them.

Dale has a dry sense of humor and teases endlessly. I didn't always know how to take him. But the more I've been around him, the more I see the depth of his adoration for his wife. He cherishes her. I see it in his eyes and I saw it in the way he held her while they danced briefly in their living room during our visit. My heart danced as I watched Dale take Rebecca in his arms and gently sway her to the soft music. I told John what a magical moment that was for me, just basking in their glow. It's a memory I will hold dear forever.

I felt the same way I used to feel every time I heard Will talk about Joan.

I've only mentioned two husbands by name to illustrate my heartfelt appreciation. But if you're a husband who is obviously smitten with your wife and we're friends, you can be sure I've noticed and I've been thankful for you...

And the way you show your love for your wife is one of my favorite things about you.


Jessica Halcom said…
Such a sweet post, Shari :) This made me smile.

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