Being Thankful ~ Here Comes November!

Earlier this month, an online friend wrote to tell me that she planned to publish a month of daily posts --30 Days of Thanks-- on her blog for November. She asked permission to mention me in one of her posts and I was more than happy to give her the go ahead.

Being mentioned in a gratitude post is a "no brainer" -- Right?

I also felt a spark of inspiration to join her on this journey.

I feel thankful for a multitude of people and things and events and even small pleasures on a daily basis. Gratitude isn't a struggle for me. It's something I've been practicing for decades. And it has been an especially helpful practice during the darker times of my life.

There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

So when my friend shared her intentions with me, it was still early October and I was excited about possibly getting started way ahead, saving daily posts and then publishing one each day for the month. Actually writing a thoughtful blog post every single day during a busy month seemed like a lofty goal for me, and a challenge I might not rise to consistently.

Well, here I sit, one week before Halloween and I have not written a single post in advance.

We have been out of town and we've had out of town company. And the time I have had, I have either been occupied, preoccupied or just plain unproductive. But I still want to do this.

Facebook has made me lazy. It's so easy to post a status instead of a blog post. I'm sure many of you know exactly what I mean, even if you're not a blogger. Sometimes it's easier to hit "like" or post a quick comment on social media than it is to really connect on a more meaningful level. We are all going in so many directions these days.

It takes focused effort to truly connect, interact, and communicate beneath the surface of life.

Sometimes we just don't want to make that effort.

Yep. Even me.

If you have a blog, I'd like to invite you to join my friend Denise and me on this journey.
This is her blog:

I'm sure there will be many of us writing and reading. If you'd like to add a link to your blog in the comments, I'd love to see what makes you thankful. And if you're not blogging, please feel free to join in by sharing your comments...

Let's make this a month of sharing and celebrating gratitude!


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