May my heart be kind...and my spirit brave!

I've been more actively and aggressively engaging the subject of domestic abuse online in recent weeks. The Fifty Shades of Grey conversation ignited a passionate response from me (as well as other advocates). I was asked to weigh in on local newscasts with my opinion because I'm becoming increasingly known for my advocacy within my own community. I am thankful for the opportunity to increase awareness, but speaking out also creates internal stress for me that I have to overcome. Mostly, self-absorbed thinking like, How do I come across? How am I being perceived? Will people dislike me for challenging them this way? Am I annoying anyone?

I sometimes wonder if my Facebook friends are growing weary of the articles I contribute to their news feeds.

I ask myself, When do I cross over from making a point to "Enough already?"

My cause is a real downer, you know.  I'm aware of that.

And I know I have at least a few friends who would appreciate never seeing this
as my profile picture ...
ever ...

I hear from friends that they hate the image (or I hear about friends who tell someone else they hate it). I've heard comments about it every time I've used it. Some are even critical of me for it. But the image is intended to provoke emotion, thought, conversation...
And I cannot deny its effectiveness.

These photographs were taken as part of an awareness campaign called Her Black Eye is Our Black Eye. My husband and I eagerly participated when asked.

Okay, so I had to convince him. I was more eager than he was. But once we did it and he saw the video, he understood the impact it had and why I urged him to be involved in the campaign.

I can't imagine saying no to anything I'm asked to do by our local Women's Resource Center. I know how important their work is and how much they need loud voices to join their efforts.

I saw this meme on Pinterest recently and it resonated with me. These are the questions I want to ask myself about my choices:
Am I being kind, fierce and brave?
(As opposed to: How is everyone 
feeling about me?)

If the answer is yes to kind, fierce and brave,
but the answer to "Am I getting on people's nerves?" is also yes,
I think I can live with that.
No ...  actually ...
I know I can live with that.

#NoMoreWeek begins March 8

Everyone can play an active role in stopping domestic violence and sexual assault before it occurs by becoming an engaged bystander and helping to establish an environment where healthy and positive relationships are based on respect, safety, and equality.

WHAT DOES AN ENGAGED BYSTANDER LOOK LIKE? Click here for ways you can learn how to be an engaged bystander.

To help raise awareness and understanding,
From March 9 - 13
I will offer free Kindle downloads of my book...

I recently contributed a chapter to a compilation book on surviving abusive relationships...


I will continue to use my voice to say #NoMore


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