I recently had the privilege of reading a new friend's book prior to its launch.

The author is Brooke Lynn and her book is Raised by Strangers.

With her book Brooke shares a compelling testimony of triumph over extreme adversity and suffering.
She shares her faith.
She shares the lessons she's learned.
She shares her heart and her passion for helping others.

If you read her story, I assure you that you'll be moved and inspired.
And, like me, you'll be amazed at God's mercy and redemption in her life.

In the opening of her guest post, Brooke is quite generous with her words describing me.
I could have written all the same words about her. I invited her to write a guest post for my blog
because she has an important ministry with this book and I want to help her in any way I can.
Although the details of our stories are very different, I relate to her wounds and her transformation.

The toughest wounds to recover from are the ones that injure our souls;
the ones you don't see unless you take the time to pause and listen, care and understand.
The sweetest liberation is the freedom that comes directly from God and
His power to turn the tables on abuse, heal us, and equip us to touch the lives of others.

I know from my own experience that Brooke has poured her heart and soul into this book.
I hope you'll consider reading it!

~The following are words from Brooke Lynn~

I am honored and thankful to guest post on Shari’s blog. After reading her writings, this is truth; Shari is simply beautiful. She writes in an innovative style reaching others with a raw, transparent, vulnerable intensity, touching the spirit and soul with truth and power. God uses her to help heal and change lives. She empowers others to keep moving forward, pressing into God with faith and focus. It’s inspiring and encouraging to see where she has been and what she has been through; and to now witness her new life in Christ.

When we share truth, messages of hope, and outcomes from our journeys, people observe faith unfolding and realize they too have that same access to our loving God. With God, there are no boundaries. “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Shari’s words are straight from her heart. She has persevered and pursues the perfect will of God, regardless of obstacles, dysfunction, and a long road of pain and healing. She has pressed past fear and allows her light to shine bright for all men to see. 

The experiences from my own past allow me to relate to Shari in many ways. I too have traveled a long road of dysfunction, pain, healing, and seeking God. Therapy, prayer, and keeping journals have been successful tools in helping me heal. I believe it’s therapeutic, refreshing, and emotionally satisfying to release our inner thoughts and turn them into visible words that hold wisdom, revelation and healing.

Some are taught to ignore their thoughts and feelings, disregarding them as meaningless or useless. This is nonsense. Our souls consist of our minds, will and emotions. God has made us in His image with these qualities. Instead of ignoring our souls, we need to embrace who we are and surrender ourselves to God. He will renew our minds, create in us a pure heart, teach us to guard our hearts, and heal us in His time. He provides wisdom, courage, peace, and strength beyond our understanding. He will direct our every step, holding our hand or carrying us through. God moves us to where He wants us to be.

People who endure trials, struggles, defeat, and trauma do not all get back up after the fall.  Some fear further failure, defeat or demise; which sends them into the mode of self-preservation. This can cause a victim mentality, defensive attitude, or worse; a stagnant life with refusal to move forward and accomplish goals and dreams because of fear. It is heartbreaking that many people today reside in this place. They accept their circumstances as the end result, lose hope in God, and give up on themselves.

This is NOT what God wants, nor the attitude He wants us to have. 

I have written a book entitled Raised by Strangers. This book is being released October 31, 2014. I personally invite you to read my true life story; it has taken much courage and faith to share. 

When I was just five years old, I was kidnapped and forced to live a life burdened with cruel and bizarre physical and emotional abuse.  My will to survive, inspired by an invisible hope, helped me fight the demons and stay alive as I endured haunting experiences.  

This book chronicles my true life story full of forbidden secrets, driven by darkness and deception.  First birthed into a marriage of teenage parents and their destructive relationship, I was later kidnapped, given away, and ultimately raised by strangers who tortured me. Through this gripping story, I share ways I have learned to overcome my horrendous past and rise above the ugliness of humanity with faith and forgiveness. This book is raw with reality and will help you find courage and strength for healing. I believe reading my journey will inspire you to also face your fears, forgive offenses, and live a life of freedom. 

Raised by Strangers

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