My Husband and Mother-in-Law on Sirius Radio Tomorrow: Talking about their experience with CLL and the Clinical Trial for Zydelig

Tomorrow my husband (John Howerton) and my mother-in-law (Marian Kibler) will be LIVE on Sirius Radio. They are being interviewed about their participation in the clinical trial of the newly approved drug (named Zydelig), which started out as CAL-101, became GL-1101, then generically named Idelalisib. It now has a brand name Zydelig. John began taking CAL-101 in May of 2010. Marian has been taking it since October 2010. Both have had great results. 

John has had no side effects or toxicity. Marian did have a serious bout of pneumonia in 2011, but we don't know that it was or was not a side effect of the drug. We just know that some patients have experienced issues with lung inflammation early in the study. 

Here's the info in case you want to tune in:

The interview will be part of the Oncology Program of Doctor Radio (channel 81) which airs at 11:30 to noon Central Standard Time and 12:30 to 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.