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THROUGH MY EYES: Overcoming the Emotional Injury of an Abusive Relationship now available on in paperback and Kindle versions.


Anonymous said…
Hi ,just wanted to let you know that i appreciate the blog and reading yours and Johns journey . same journey i am making since 2011 dx and so happy that cal 101 is working for John and his mother .I was reading one of your earlier entries stating that if going public with this can help at least one person... it was worth it ...well it really help and is helping me
thank you
(early forties)
Shari said…
Thank you so much for leaving this comment, Steve! I was just thinking a few minutes ago that I need to get back to blogging more often now that I've finished the book. So, hearing from you is an encouragement. So glad you have found my blog helpful. Keep in touch. A CLL diagnosis is becoming more manageable with all the new drugs being developed.

Be well!

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