Happy Anniversary to us!

There is so much I could say about the guy in these pictures. He is my best friend and the most wonderful husband I could have ever imagined having. He is a great step-dad. He is a fun, loving, generous "Poppy John" to our boys. And all my family and friends think the world of my husband. He treats people well. And I love that about him.

I love, appreciate, respect and admire him more than I could ever express. In my second book, my editor suggested I gush a little bit less about John. So I'm going to spare you the "barf bag" gushing and just say how thankful I am for every day of the last nine years I've had the privilege, the honor, and the sheer joy of being Mrs. John Howerton.

This was taken on our wedding day, January 4, 2004.

The picture below was taken this week, on New Year's Day 2013.


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