Love Will Be Vindicated

I just finished listening to a sermon my son gave on December 9, the Sunday prior to the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. None of us in this country could ever possibly be prepared for the news we got on Friday, December 14. And I think we are all a bit shattered this Christmas just thinking about the pain of such a loss. I told John last night that I cannot see a child in a television commercial without feeling pain grip my heart for the parents and loved ones of all who were taken in one senseless act of evil.

It's easy to feel discouraged by the growing darkness around us.

This sermon could have been given after the events. And I'm glad I waited until today to listen.

I have been so inspired by the parents I've heard being interviewed in television interviews. In particular, Robbie and Alissa Parker, parents to Emilie Parker, have really stood out to me as beacons of Christian faith in the midst of their horrific loss; the greatest loss any parent can ever endure. Alissa, Emilie's mom, almost unable to get her words out because her anguish was so deep and so overwhelming, expressed compassion for the shooter and the darkness he must have been living in to be capable of such an act. I am so thankful for examples like these parents. Their light is even brighter because of the extreme darkness it is shining through.

Though we have questions and there is much we do not understand, we know the end of the story. We will overcome evil with good. Love will be vindicated.

And I wanted to share this with everyone who reads my blog.

Enduring Love
(Reverend Danny Bryant)


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