Life is so good...

I have not been writing on my blog much lately. There are a few reasons for that.

For one thing, I have been busy enjoying my life. God has truly blessed us in this move. I never dreamed I would be loving my life here so much, so soon. And I know I've said that before. Forgive me for being redundant. But these are my thoughts at some point in every day right now. I am blown away by God's goodness to me.

We have made some wonderful new friends here. And we are doing FUN stuff; hanging out, going golfing, having dinner together. Last night the power went out everywhere from a storm and our sweet friends came over to check on us and hang out in the dark with us. We had a blast! John and I were so glad they came over.

Before this move, we were in a rut. We went to a large church, had many friends. I got together with girlfriends frequently. But we rarely did things with other couples. We were homebodies. John was exhausted and fatigued every night from the strain of his previous dealership. We went to church and out to dinner on the weekend -- usually just the two of us. And we enjoyed our peaceful, quiet Sundays. But we had gotten to where we rarely did anything socially.

I was content with our life as it was. In fact, I was so content that I had no desire to make changes (like moving to a new place). John would tell me that he believed we were going to have a great life in West Virginia and I'd always say, "I know we will. But we have a great life HERE. And it's hard to leave."

If only I could have seen a flash forward (like in LOST) of last night. We are having fun! And I just love our new friends so much. It's like we've been friends for years, not months. I loved having them drop by and hang out in the dark with us. It turned an annoying situation into a party. I will never forget last night; sitting in candlelight with friends, telling stories, laughing, (laughing and more laughing), making plans for more fun, and finally baking my romance cookies when the lights came on.

Today we're having a church picnic and meeting our potential new pastor. Tomorrow he will preach. And then a decision will be made. Our church is fairly small right now, but I have a feeling that we are on the cusp of growth and lots of good things. I'm excited that John and I will have the privilege of being a part of that growth and a help in realizing our purpose as a church in this community. I've found that being a blessing is the greatest blessing one can experience. And I look forward to discovering new ways to be a blessing in the lives of others.

Another reason I have not been blogging more recently is that I have begun a new writing project. I have written three chapters and, at this point, I'm committed to this project becoming a second book. I don't know how long it will take to write it. I'm going to take my time and do justice to the subject matter. It is both grueling and therapeutic to write about this part of my life. But the main reason I'm writing is because I believe my story can help, inspire, and offer hope to others in similar circumstances. As with my first book, I will trust God for the readers He has in mind. Writing is not a financially lucrative proposition for an unknown author. But the feedback from readers whose lives I have touched is all the reward I need.

Writing is a personal passion.
Having friends who read what I write is a blessing.
Thank you for the years of reading and commenting on my blog.


Shari said…
For the record (or anyone with concerns), I am not writing about my spiritual past and former religious group. I am writing about domestic abuse. And I have no idea if it will wind up as a published work. Right now, I am just committed to writing it.

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