15 Weeks Post Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Yesterday marked 15 weeks since my bilateral Morton's Neuroma surgery. My feet still get sore and they still swell a little after standing on them too long. But I have noticed a significant improvement in the degree and duration of those "consequences" ever since I hit the 12 week mark. This morning I got on the treadmill for the first time and walked successfully for 45 minutes at 3.2 mph, at a 2% incline.

And my feet feel great!

I know some patients are running sooner than I am walking. But I'm not and never have been a runner. And I did not want to rush into any activity that might cause unnecessary discomfort. I have been riding my semi-recumbent bike exclusively for well over a year (since the neuroma pain made it impossible for me to walk on the treadmill quite some time ago) and I was content to wait a while before adding a weight bearing workout back to my routine. My next achievement will be Zumba!

I tried on my most comfortable pair of medium heels (open toe) last week. They were too tight across the top of my foot (just above the toes). I hope this is still post-surgery swelling and not that the size of my feet have changed permanently. But if the size does change, at least it will be the same in both feet. And I'm not in any hurry to wear heels.

I have grown fonder of comfortable shoes! And I'm thankful to be able to wear tennis shoes without nerve pain!


Anonymous said…
Want to thank you for your detailed and well written account of your surgery and recovery. had the surgery on one foot about 8 days ago, am completely overdoing it by working (I'm a nurse) and if not for your writings I would probably be freaking out that my foot does not feel like a million bucks right now. I found your reflections on the sensations and types of pain/discomfort the most illuminating, useful and encouraging. Thank you much, and good luck with everything on your end.

Shari said…
Thanks for your comment, Mike. Good to hear from you. And I'm so glad my posts have been helpful. When I was wondering if what I was feeling was normal, it really reassured me to find someone else's experience on a blog. So that motivated to share a lot of details for others looking for personal experience. If you are working eight days after surgery, I'm impressed! Take care and try to take it easier on that foot! Although, my doctor said you can't do damage. You will just have swelling and soreness from overdoing.
StephTow said…
Thank you thank you thank you for writing about this on your blog!! I had the surgery almost three weeks ago. I had two nerves removed on my left foot. I am very thankful that it was all on my left foot because I am still able to drive. I feel ok/good walking with my Croc flip flop sandals (not the kind that go between your toes, but criss crossed over the top), but still have a weird knot feeling on the ball of my foot. It's much more noticeable on the hard wood floor. It is just like you said in another blog entry about it taking time because you had surgery on your foot and nerves were messed with and had trauma. So true. I feel like I should just be outside walking in the mornings after I drop off my daughters at school, but this just takes time. My doctor told me to switch between only sandals and my surgical shoe when my foot swells. Who knew cleaning house and doing laundry would cause your foot to swell? Lol! I'm still glad I had the surgery, but I honestly did not expect this long of a recovery. Thanks again for your experience. You are one of the few success stories out there, and it is incredibly appreciated!!