Taking it Easy & Doing Great! (Day 17 of MN Foot Surgery Recovery)

Two and a half weeks following surgery on both feet for Morton's Neuroma, I'm pretty impressed with how quickly my feet are bouncing back. Well, I'm not bouncing yet . . . . Ha! That will be a while, of course. But I'm doing really well.

I even polished my toes this morning!

Some of you will remember that I inflicted a painful injury to my left big toe last July 4 when I drug a heavy slider door over it in Panama City Beach. I wound up losing that toe nail and it has finally grown back enough to be able to put polish on it. It hasn't been the best year for my feet. But my pain following surgery, at its worst, fell way short of the pain I experienced last July 4!

I don't have any pain at this point; even when I walk. My feet are tender and sore and I'm not walking quite normally yet. But I've stopped having to walk on my heels and the sides of my feet. I can't put normal pressure on the balls of my feet. The heel-toe step is slightly inhibited still. And I walk gently. But I don't have to protect the balls of my feet from touching the ground when I walk anymore. And they can comfortably take a little of my weight on them.

Initially, the slightest touch to the balls of my feet triggered nerve sensations almost like a mild electrical stimulus. It felt very weird. And I sometimes have that even now if I don't have shoes on. But with my orthotics in those Merrells I previously mentioned (last post), my feet have so much support in the arch that I am getting much closer to a normal heel-toe walk. My steps are just slower and more deliberate. However, to my surprise, going up stairs is really easy and comfortable because I put my foot down flat. I am walking up the stairs normally already! (Although a little more slowly going down the stairs.) My bruising seems to be increasing as my feet are feeling better.

I don't want to do anything prematurely, but I'm already thinking that maybe I can ride my semi-recumbent bike in another week.

Major improvement between Monday and today. I noticed a big difference yesterday. And I wonder how much of it is the result of giving my feet more rest this week. I have not left our home since Sunday night. I've gotten up and down and done a few things (like laundry and changing the sheets). But I've stayed off my feet quite a bit. I had a few pains in my left foot as I was going to sleep last night, near my toes. I didn't do anything to cause it. It was just kind of spontaneous and, I assumed, a normal part of the recovery. It's gone this morning.

I'm enjoying the townhome. It's cozy. And I can clean it myself. I was trying to think of the last time I only had 2100 square feet to maintain. And it's been over twenty years! This feels so manageable. My new jacuzzi tub in WV is a lot smaller than the one I had in our previous home. But I don't miss the huge tub at all. The smaller one is so much easier to get in and out of. And, even more importantly, so easy to clean.

Once I figure out what clothes to hang in my closet (because they definitely won't all fit), I will be all settled in and ready to start exploring the area outside my nest. But I told John that, for the moment, I am just thoroughly enjoying my nest. Moving is hard work! I'm so glad this move is behind us. I'm leaving everything I don't need in boxes for now because there will be one more move when we buy or build here. And I want to eliminate some of the packing.

We really like this area. My prayer is that God will bless John's efforts in the new Honda dealership. My husband is the hardest working man I have ever known. He is a man of honesty and integrity. He is loyal, kind and fun to be around. I still feel as privileged to be his wife as the day I married him. And, yes, I am very proud of him. Ever since the sale of Cookeville Honda, John has hoped to be a Honda dealer again. And I'm thankful that God blessed him with this opportunity.

The people of West Virginia have been so warm and welcoming to us. I think John is a perfect fit here. And as long as I get to see my kids (which includes nieces and nephews) on a regular basis, I feel like I could live just about anywhere. But I feel fortunate that we are in an absolutely beautiful location.


Pinkcloudkisser said…
I am 13 days postop for removal of a neuroma in my right foot. The doc is very sketchy on his postop instructions! He's board certified Ortho with a subspecialty in the foot and ankle. He assured me that he embedded the cut end of the nerve into the arch of the foot so I am feeling o.k. about no problems with the stump issue.

My concern is this: he removed the stitches on day 9 and applied steri strips. Yesterday they came off. I had some spare ones from another procedure and applied those. Today I noticed some opening at the top and bottom of the incision with slight oozing. (Sorry if it's TMI)! Is this consistent with the abcess you experienced? Should I be concerned? Anna

I really appreciate your blog and have started one of my own dealing with people who are emotionally or mentally 'challenged'.

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