Day 21: Recovering from Morton's Neuroma Surgery

At this point in my recovery, I think a weekly update will be sufficient. Most of you are probably tired of seeing my post-op feet, but for the sake of other MN patients considering this surgery, I will probably share a few more to document my progress.

I'm happy to report that today I began to take normal (heel-toe) steps! I am no longer hobbling!*

If you have never hobbled, you have no idea how exciting this is!

I am alternating between Naturalizer sandals (with socks) and my Merrells with orthotic inserts. Both give my feet good support and plenty of room. I had no idea what great shoe purchases I made prior to this surgery. The Merrells I've previously mentioned and these sandals have been great first normal shoes post-op. These sandals have two velcro straps and I leave the toe strap completely unattached. But the middle strap holds my foot in place without pressing on any sensitive spots. I bought these because I thought they'd be comfortable at Disney World in January (they were). But they've been great after surgery also. As you can see, the sole is very padded. Based on the recommendations of other patients, I also ordered a pair of Crocs RX Relief online.

I called Dr. Yu's nurse today and asked when I can submerge my feet in the tub and when I can start to apply Mederma gel to the scar. She said it's fine to go ahead with both, as long as the wounds look good and closed. If they show any signs of opening: don't continue.

I've been using Neosporin and regular bandaids since Saturday. Only since I have been touching the affected areas have I noticed the slight loss of normal feeling in spots. But it's not totally numb. And I don't feel any numbness when walking, or even when I wiggle my toes.

The first week following surgery, when my feet were completely bandaged and wrapped, I wondered why the right one hurt a little bit more than the left. I now see that the incision in my right is slightly longer than the incision in my left. So it makes sense that every person's surgery and recovery will be slightly different. I had both feet done at the same time and had a little different pain in each foot.

At three weeks out, I am very happy with my progress and so glad I had the courage to do both feet at the same time. In another week, I expect to be exercising again.

*I realized I needed to add an asterisk to "I'm no longer hobbling!" I AM still hobbling in bare feet. But not because of pain. It's kind of hard to describe. But walking in bare feet is - and will be - awkward and weird far longer than walking in shoes with good support and padding.


Anonymous said…
Hello Shari, I'm over in the UK and had surgery on my right foot 3 weeks ago, between 2/3 toe after suffering since 1998. I would like to thank you so much and all those who've shared their experiences. I've learnt more from you than from my surgeon/hospital. And, you're the first blog I've ever read top to bottom so thank you. I'm day 22, and decided to drive a mile yesterday and visit a couple of shops - it was too much, today I'm exhausted, and foot is sore, so it's elevated and I'll try to behave myself for a couple more weeks. Once again thank you and take care, Caroline
Shari said…
Thank you, Caroline, for the feedback on my blog! I appreciate it so much. One good thing to know is that, according to my surgeon, you can't do harm to your foot at this point. You can only cause swelling and soreness from overdoing. And when you do, you put it up and give it some extra rest. Hang in there. It gets better. I don't give my feet a second thought these days. Any aching I have at this point is just the normal sore feet of getting older and being on them too much. But it's nothing like neuroma pain or recovering from surgery! :)
Wow really were brave to do both feet at the same time. As this is the first post I'm reading on your blog, I will go back and read the others on your progress.
I just had my surgery only 16 hours ago and have been a bit nervous as what to expect. I will be having my second surgery as soon as my doctor allows. Thank you so much for posting!

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