CAL-101 Update: John & Marian

My two CLL patients had their regular eight week checkups yesterday. And they are both doing beautifully. Bloodwork was normal once again for each. And no signs of any lymph nodes, either.

It's been almost two years since John began taking CAL-101 (5/10). Marian started her clinical trial five months after John. And it is so nice to get good news every time we visit Dr. Flinn.

I am normally more prompt in sharing an update. But we drove from Nashville to our new home in West Virginia last night. And I was much too tired to get on the computer. Then today was busy. John shot his first John Howerton Honda television commercial and I was invited to be in it with him. So Marian and I spent a couple of hours at the dealership and then I showed her around Beckley and Glade Springs before heading home to start dinner. (She came home with us from Nashville to see our new place and buy a CRV from John.)

I have never been in one of John's commercials. And I was a little nervous. I'm sure I will pick myself apart when I see the finished product (because that's what I do!). But it was fun. And the most important thing I wanted to say was a big thank you to the community for making us feel so welcome here. The commercial should start running next week (hopefully Monday) on the ABC affiliate WOAY. But when I receive a link to the video clip, I will also share it on my blog.

My feet are doing great! They are sore (feel kind of bruised and tender) still. And I'm sure they will be for a while. However, I went to Sam's and Walmart after leaving the dealership. AND I drove my new vehicle -- a white Honda CRV -- for the first time today!


Robin said…
I am thrilled to read all the good news! Can't wait to see the commercial too. Love you.
Anonymous said…
I came across your post while looking for the latest on CAL-101. I was one of chemists on the team that invented it while I was at ICOS Corp. I always loved that compound. It was later licensed to Calistoga. Nice to see that it is having some good effects.
Shari said…
How nice to hear from one of the inventors of CAL-101! Thank you for letting me know you were here. I don't know you, but I feel indebted to you! This compound is going to change many lives. And it has certainly changed ours! A heartfelt thanks for the work you do!

And Robin, I love you too!

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