My First Disney Trip as a Grandma

Early tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane with my son, daughter-in-law, and two oldest grandsons (6 and almost 5), bound for Walt Disney World! I am so excited! (The only thing that would make it better is if Poppy John could go with us. But he has a lot on his plate right now.)

This trip has been planned since October and when my shoulder got so much worse in early November, I was concerned about being well enough to be able to enjoy it. For a couple weeks, I was wondering if I would have to have surgery. But I started physical therapy on November 10 and I have steadily improved ever since. I haven't taken a pain pill in over two weeks (even for PT). And my therapist told me yesterday that at the rate I'm going, I may be done with him by the time I get back! I've recovered 90% of my normal range of movement. Pushing it to that 90% point still causes discomfort, but not the horrible pain I previously had. And just doing normal activities, I'm moving well. I'm also sleeping through the night again.

It feels SO good to be getting back to normal. I was able to raise both hands all the way up in worship at church last night! First time I have been able to do that in a long time!

I started packing yesterday and I'm just about done other than a few last minute items. I spent a little time reading a website with Disney tips that a friend recommended to me ( I clicked on a link and heard the music of Pirates of the Caribbean. And I've been singing "Yo Ho, Yo Ho..." in my head ever since. I love that ride.

I have a feeling this will be the best trip to Disney ever, experiencing it with my grandsons.

I grew up in Southern California and made many trips to Disneyland. I've only been to WDW once since moving to Tennessee in 1993. I can't remember exactly when I went, but I know it has been more than ten years. That's the longest stretch of my life. (John hasn't been since 1973 - when he was in college - and I think that is probably just fine with him.) I have always loved the Magic Kingdom. And I can't wait to get there tomorrow. This is my first time staying on Disney property and doing the parks so many days in a row. (Hopefully my feet will hold up!)

I have been trying to eat healthier, more fruits and vegetables especially. I've also started drinking a Danactive every day (sometimes two) for the probiotics. I weighed this morning and I have lost eight pounds since my four pound gain over the holidays! I am thrilled to be starting this trip four pounds under my normal weight. I can't imagine being able to gain four pounds next week with all the walking we'll be doing. But then again, you never know. I never expected to see 128 on my scale again.

I have decided to take my laptop along with me. So it's entirely possible that I will share some Disney pictures before I get home (unless I'm so exhausted by the time I get back to my room that I don't have the energy).

I went to Franklin twice to see the boys last week. Pax (21 months) hears the boys calling me Grandma Shari, which he cannot say. And he calls me Issshhh. It is so cute. I have always called myself Grandma Shari. I never wanted to give myself some cute name that the boys would feel silly calling me as they got older. Danny called my mom Grandma Jane. So Grandma Shari sounded good to me. Joshua gave John's mom the cute name of Gramarian when he was two. And we still call her that, even though the boys can say Grandma Marian now. I always said that the only way I would ever have a cute grandma name would be if one of the boys gave it to me. And Pax finally did. I love it so much that he can call me Ish forever if he wants to (but I doubt he will want to). I think we're going to miss Pax a little bit this week, even though I believe it was the right call not to take him this time.

Well, time to ride the recumbent bike one more time before I go. And then...

Yo Ho, Yo Ho!

I had no idea these were the rest of the lyrics!


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