Surprises in Life

My son was ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican church last night. We attended the ordination and, throughout the service, I kept thinking about the surprising twists and turns of life. I whispered to John, "Danny becoming a pastor is no surprise to me as a mom, but this type of ordination was not something I could have ever imagined." I didn't mean it in a bad way. It's just that I grew up about as opposite of this formal, liturgical style of worship as you can possibly get. And so did Danny.

I am not Anglican. But I enjoy visiting Danny's church (Church of the Redeemer in Nashville). And the people at Redeemer are lovely, as were the people in the church where Danny was ordained.

I've grown in my faith a great deal over the last nine years. I've learned to appreciate different styles of worship. And I trust God more than ever. I have seen God's hand in Danny being where he is. I know God has always had a plan for his life. And last night was a part of it.

I'm proud of you, Danny! And I love you very much!


Danny Bryant said…
Thank you, mom. I love you.