Trying to Stay Positive...

I read more about Frozen Shoulder last night and learned that only about 2% of the population gets it, but of those who do, about 15% will eventually have it in both shoulders.

Frozen Shoulder happens more to women between 40 and 60.

The average duration for the three phases (freezing, frozen and thawing) is 30 months.
(The first phase is the most painful.)

It is considered the worst shoulder problem you can have (as far as pain and loss of movement).

They don't know definitively what causes it and there are no quick fixes.

The only good news is that it won't usually happen again in the same shoulder (unless you have diabetes, which I don't). And it will eventually get better (which is very good news).

But in spite of the "good news," needless to say, I went to bed feeling down about what I may still have ahead of me for quite some time. My first bout with this (in the right shoulder) lasted almost a year. But that was just when the pain got better. I was probably "thawing" much longer because I do remember it took a long time for me to be able to move it normally even after I wasn't hurting all the time.

The left shoulder began freezing in August. So I am only three months into this. Just thinking about the road ahead made me feel so depressed last night. I looked at John with tears in my eyes and told him what I'd read about thirty months. He reminded me that it didn't last that long the first time and it wouldn't necessarily last that long this time, either.

I went to sleep with the help of pain meds and a muscle relaxer. I slept better last night. I woke up once or twice, but decided to see if I could go back to sleep without more medication and I did. I spent an hour and a half soaking in hot water this morning. I can't do my exercises until after I've had a lot of heat. My PT is at 10:30, so I'll take my pain pill around 9:00.

I have to admit, I still feel down emotionally this morning even after sleeping better. I'm dreading physical therapy. And I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere right now. Everything feels like too much effort. And simply getting through each set of at home exercises (five times a day) takes all the energy I have.

A CLL friend wrote to me. She reads my blog and wanted me to know she's been through this, she considers herself very "tough," and the pain of making the smallest wrong movement was some of the most excruciating pain she's ever endured. Every time someone tells me they understand what I'm going through, it helps. Brenda, if you are reading, thank you for writing to me.

I'm trying very hard not to project into the full duration of this because, at times, that just makes me want to lay down and cry. And I have way too much to be thankful for to do that. I am so aware at all times that I could be facing much, much, much greater challenges than I am. I have enjoyed good health all my life and all of our bodies will at some point fail us in some way, causing discomfort and healing challenges. I can't expect to get through life without pain. But I can't wait for this to be behind me.

I woke up this morning to an encouraging note from my friend, Robin.
She wrote:

The only way to handle this is to take it one day at a time and not anticipate the length of time. No matter how long it is you'll be placing your care in God's hands one day at a time and He will carry you through it. 

I know she's right and I needed this reminder. For now, it's all I can do just to get through one day at a time.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all who have encouaged me, prayed for me and listened to my recent whining.

Time to tackle my exercises now.


PattyAnn said…
Just a thought here...Have your pastor and ministers that you ahve full faith in, pray over a prayer cloth (or hankie) and place that on your bad shoulder and keep it there...Prayer cloths WORK..I ahve experienced and witnessed healings, physical and spiritual using the prayer cloths. You can also place one under your pillow..It will give you comfort....Love you sweet niece..
Shari said…
Thanks, Patty. I too believe in the power of prayer.

What gives me the most comfort is knowing that anything God allows me to go through is for my good and there is a purpose being accomplished through it.

Love you too.

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