P.S. to My Earlier Post

There is a huge difference in my mental outlook prior to physical therapy and following physical therapy. I wrote my first post this morning as I anticipated the pain that was in front of me.

However, once again, I got through it and am better for it. And I don't feel depressed like I did when I got up this morning. I feel hopeful and encouraged that I can do this.

I will not lie. At the most intense moments, in spite of my full effort to cooperate and be compliant rather than resistant to the therapy, there were tears spilling out of the corners of my eyes. One movement in particular is almost more than I can take. And when one therapist told the other "She's not a fan of this one," I said, "No, no, no, I HATE that one."

But after it's over, I have less pain and I can move a little more than I could prior to the session. It's a process and it's going to take time, but I can see improvement and that is very encouraging. That will keep me going back for more.

Plus, my therapists (Daniel and John) at Baptist Sports Medicine are very kind. And they always succeed in making me laugh during therapy, which really helps me release the tension.

I'm going to push through this. And although I walk into therapy with fear and dread,
I leave feeling a little like Rocky.


DeeDee said…
Did you see the special Diane Sawyer last night about the congress women who was shot in the head, Gabby? They showed a lot of her therapy and I have to say, I'm absolutely amazed at the healing progress that can be made with Physical Theraby. Those therapists are angels who have to have tons of patience and the ability to conncet with their patients. What a wonderful calling. Good for you, Shari.
Shari said…
I recorded it, but haven't watched it yet. When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I think of people who have mountains to climb in therapy rather than hills (like me).

And yes it takes someone special. My therapists are great. I don't think I could help someone because I'd be much too quick to back off if they cried. LOL.

I am like a new person mentally this afternoon. I told John that I'm glad I'm being proactive rather than sitting around nursing my pain. It's helping me physically and it's helping me not to give in to the depression I sometimes feel when I'm hurting.