MRI Results

I had an MRI this morning and got the results this evening. Mike read the whole report to me over the phone and I can't remember all of the terminology. But the main problems causing pain, inflammation and impingement are a small spur and a glenoid labrum tear (which is a joint tear, not a tendon tear). I also have some tendinitis and arthritis in my shoulder. I will have to see an orthopedic surgeon to confirm the radiologist's conclusions and know for sure, but it sounds like I will need arthroscopic surgery to fix this.

I am so used to thinking of myself as a baby when it comes to pain that I was almost certain the MRI would indicate nothing more than tendinitis. I told John the good news is that perhaps I'm not such a big baby after all because something is really wrong with my shoulder (more than inflammation). Of course, the bad news is ... there's something really wrong with my shoulder.


Robin said…
I'm sorry your shoulder is worse than you thought but glad you know what you're dealing with. I already knew you weren't a baby. Glad you know it now too. :)
Shari said…
Thanks, Robin. Last night when I said that to John, he looked frustrated and responded, "Why do you think you have to convince me your pain is real? And what have I ever said to make you think that I think you're a baby? I'm not ______. Sometimes I think you forget that." : )

I don't know if I think I'm a baby or if I think everyone else thinks I'm a baby (when it comes to pain). I know I have been teased a lot over the years and maybe I have just bought into it.

I will never forget the time I was in PT for my other shoulder and they had that electrical stimulus maching on me. It didn't seem like it should be hurting so much, but I did not complain or say anything to the therapist. I just endured it because I kept thinking that this wasn't supposed to be painful and I must be the only patient who ever had a problem with it. When the timer went off and she took it off my shoulder, she said, "Wasn't this hurting you?" I said, "Yes, it hurt a lot but I knew it wasn't suppoed to and I didn't want to say anything because I thought maybe I just had an extremely low pain tolerance. I didn't want you to think I was being a baby." She said, "It was turned up too high and it burned through your skin. I wish you would have told me you were in pain because I would have turned it down. It is not supposed to hurt you. You are not a baby. That had to have been very painful." And I said, "Yes, it was. But I thought maybe it wouldn't be to the average patient."

One thing this does illuminate is my need for affirmation and approval. I really shouldn't care if anybody thinks I'm being a baby if I know I'm in a lot of pain.

Last night I assured my doctor that I was not taking many pain pills. (He gave me 20 in early September and I still have 10 left.) He said I need to be taking them. : )

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