CAL-101 Update: John (Completion of 18th Cycle)

WBC: 5.81
NEU: 3.70
ALC: 1.56
RBC: 4.28
HGB: 14.4
HCT: 40.2
PLT: 221

For those who don't carry around the "normal" numbers in their heads, John's counts are great.

Going into his 19th 28-day cycle of CAL-101, he is continuing to get good results on the lowest dose given (50 mg. twice daily).

Nodes still under control. Blood counts normal. No symptoms other than off and on fatigue. No infections. No side effects. Happy, thankful wife.

John has been on CAL-101 since May 27, 2010.


Anonymous said…
AWESOME! I love you both.
Anita Farley said…
I'm so thrilled for both of you!!! And the world. It's a better place with you two in it!

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