I wrote my last blog post Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I got a phone call from my son, telling me he had just gotten the news that his dad had died suddenly. I had mixed feelings about the post I had just written in light of that event and who might be checking my blog in the next few days. But I left it the way it was.

My blog is a public journal. I share from my heart. And I've thought about what would be appropriate or inappropriate to share in this moment. It felt strange to say nothing. But I wondered if maybe nothing was the most appropriate under these circumstances. And then I read the comment left by an old friend on my last post and the words came to me. So, this post is simply being published to direct you to the comment section under Sunday's entry.

Rest in peace, Dennis. The pain of being in your life was great. But out of that pain came many blessings. I hold nothing in my heart against you to this day. I always cared. I always felt compassion. I always wanted the best for you, whether you knew it or not.


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