If you've been checking my blog, you have been seeing no activity recently. That's because I have had  my youngest grandson for a week while the rest of his family went to the beach. He was picked up and taken home today. It was a memorable week and I'm not surprised I'm tired. I just didn't expect to wind up with an injury.

He looks so innocent and harmless, doesn't he?

I posted lots of pictures on Facebook (so his mommy could see how he was getting along). But I never did get around to blogging. And tonight it is a bit of a challenge to sit at the computer. You see, Pax and I had a moment yesterday morning when I was trying to take something out of his hand that he very much wanted to keep in his hand. And in the tussle of picking him up and putting him on my lap, a little finger somehow collided (unintentionally) with my right eye ... resulting in a scratched cornea. (Yes, ouch!)

After the initial pain subsided, my eye just felt irritated for the rest of the day. I thought it was no big deal and would just heal on its own. But last night it became painful. And right now it hurts a little more than it did earlier in the day. I guess blinking all day long aggravates it. However, it wasn't the pain that motivated the doctor visit. When my vision was still blurred today, I realized that I definitely needed to see the doctor. And I'm glad I went. He gave me a prescription for antibiotic eye drops and said the scratch is small enough that it should heal quickly without having to wear a patch (thank goodness). I should have gone in yesterday, but I really thought it would be better on its own today. The inner part of my eye is so sore, I thought the scratch might have been to the white part. But ... I was wrong!

Right now I can tell that I don't need to be looking at a computer screen any longer. So I'm going to do the smart thing and let my eye rest a bit. In fact, I'm going to let all of me rest a bit!


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