New VisitPCB Website is Launched!

If you get a chance, check out this link:

It will take you to the company profile page of my friends' new Resort Condo Services website. My friends are Ricky & Karen (E.) Jones. And this is the website I have been doing some part time writing for in recent months.

Karen and I became friends about seven years ago in a women's small group at church. It was the one I talked about in my book where I was asked to be a small group leader. When the lecture portion was finished, the leaders were asked to stand and those in attendance were instructed to form a small group around the nearest leader's table. That was the first time we met and we've been friends ever since. We found out we lived practically around the corner from each other. We started meeting for lunch occasionally. The friendship blossomed and we introduced our husbands. And now the four of us are great friends as well.

The company profile page of the website gives a little background information on them, their business and their two "staffers" -- Karen D. Jones (rental manager) and myself (website content manager) -- as well as how we all came to be doing what we're doing with respect to PCB and the condo rental management business.

John and I have been to PCB several times since we were invited to join Ricky and Karen for the long 2011 New Year's weekend there. We have gone back several times this year already. And in April they asked me if I would be interested in doing some part time web writing for their website. It is a perfect fit for me. There's no pressure or particular number of hours. And now I can claim dining out at the beach as "work." LOL. (The only problem is that I sometimes forget I have a job!)

(New Year's Day Dinner at Firefly.)

I have not written everything on the website. Ricky & Karen have done a lot of work themselves. I tackled the PCB Guide, the intro, and the resort descriptions to help them get the site ready for launch. My agenda now is to continually add and update the PCB info available on their website. And I may do some other writing as well, including a monthly newsletter.

They have generously given me the title "Website Content Manager." It makes me feel very official. They are treasured friends and I hope I can be an asset to their business.

I just thought I'd share a link to promote the site as well as PCB. I highly recommend Resort Condo Services for condo rentals in Panama City Beach. My friends will take good care of you.

You may have noticed that I am the only one who isn't a Jones. Karen E. and Karen D. are not related, but share the same name (minus the middle initial).

We talked about changing my name for conformity, but I am emotionally attached to Howerton.


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