Divine Comedy

This is a link to the first sermon in a four part series on the life of Jacob ~ by Danny Bryant (my son).


The second and third installments will be on the website today and the conclusion is yet to be preached next Sunday morning at Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, TN. (It will also be on Redeemercast the following week.)

Danny is an assistant pastor and normally preaches one Sunday every month. But this month he is preaching four Sundays in a row for this series. I wanted to share a link for anyone who might like to listen. Each installment is about twenty minutes or less. And Danny's style is very conversational. I know I say this as a mom, but I would enjoy his preaching even if he wasn't my son. (Spoken like a true mother, right? I know. I know.)

I got some things out of the first two sermons that I had never thought about in connection with this Old Testament story.

Oh, and by the way...just in case you do listen...I am not the family member who told the joke. ; )

Part Two: Created for Blessing

Part Three: The Descending King


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