Topping off the perfect trip...

Blankets from Photoweavers!
I had these photo throw blankets made for Lexi and Karlie from digital photographs taken during our recent trip to the beach. I just recently came across this company through Groupon. And while we were still in PCB, it hit me that this would be the perfect way to remember all the fun we had.

I let the girls choose the picture and I ordered the blankets Wednesday night. They arrived by FedEx on Saturday. I was amazed that they came so fast. And they turned out beautiful ... except that it is really weird to see your face blown up that big! 

I was excited about delivering the blankets to the girls today. And it was so good to see them. I got used to being with them every day while we were at the beach and I've missed them a lot! I told them I wanted a picture of both of them with the blanket they each chose. And I told them the picture would probably wind up on my blog. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to write, but as I began this post, I felt inspired to write to them instead of about them. So here goes...

Dear Karlie & Lexi,

I have always felt so proud and so blessed to be your aunt. From the moment you came into the world, you were more special to me than you will ever know. I have so many precious memories of time spent with you, and lots of pictures to preserve those memories ~ like our "model" photo shoots when you were little...
I will never forget getting ready for Danny and Rebecca's wedding together and doing your curls ... one spiral at a time. Hard to believe this was almost nine years ago! And I moved to Murfreesboro just one year later. The only thing I miss is being physically close to my nieces and nephews.
I am so proud of the young women you are becoming. I remember our talks about the importance of being "pretty on the inside." I have no idea if it has anything to do with anything I ever said, but you both ARE so pretty on the inside (in addition to your external beauty).

I am so thankful for the time we spent together in Florida. I hope when you look at your blankets and remember our vacation, you will always remember how special you are to me
and how very much I love you!

Your very proud...
Aunt Shari


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