These lyrics always remind me of John coming into my life...

...And he sent you along like a summer day
With a blue-sky smile on your funny face
And a bird flew by singing eveything's gonna be, ok yea
So we laughed all day with the man in the moon
And we thanked the good Lord for the afternoon
'Cause he showed me His love by sending me you
And it's ok now
Everything's ok
(From "Everything's OK" by Chris Rice)

Having a great time in Florida. Listening to this CD in the condo as I get ready to go from the beach to dinner with my sister-in-law and nieces. Savoring every moment and getting tears in my eyes thinking about how God has blessed little ole me with the world's best husband and the happiest life I could ever imagine.

Thank you, Sweetheart, for all the ways you show your love for me.
I am one lucky woman.
Blessed beyond anything I could ever deserve!
And I will tell anyone who will listen (or read)!