Do you ever think about your funeral?

I do.

In this blog post, Donald Miller and a group of friends contemplate how many people they would like to have attend their funeral ... Many? Or a few? And why?

Donald Miller: To love or be liked?

I have a lot of thoughts running through my head as a result of reading this, but no time to write on my blog this morning. I've been offered an opportunity to try my hand at some web writing (other than my blog) and I have my first meeting with the owners of the business (also my friends) to learn the website basics. Last night I did some tutorial reading. And I'm very excited about this opportunity. So my answers to Don Miller's question will have to wait. But I wanted to post the link for now and come back to the question when I actually have time to write thoughtfully. I have some very specific feelings on this subject, which I have thought about many times. I want to write about them, but I want to do it carefully.

It took me a long time to read "Blue Like Jazz." When I first left the religious environment I was raised in, I was so in fear of spiritual deception (because I recognized how deceived I had been my whole life) that I didn't want any part of the whole "recreating Christianity" conversation. I believe the group I was part of recreated Christianity and I was on a real search for truth; solid truth, not just a bunch of new questions. I lumped Donald Miller into the emergent group without really knowing if he claimed that association. I pretty much dismissed him as having anything to say that would interest me. I was wrong. I finally read "Blue Like Jazz" and found that I could identify with Miller's convictions much more than I would have imagined. Although the book is not intended as theology, there was nothing glaring in the book that I found objectionable theologically.

I remember when a friend tried to get me to read it and I just dismissed it. I regret taking such a hard stance now that I have read it. But I think that friend understood why I was so apprehensive about authors (of which there are many these days) who depart from the central tenets of Christianity. I assumed because of the title that he was one of those authors. But I was wrong. And now I really enjoy reading what he writes. I think I can open myself up a little more now because I know what I believe and why I believe it today. Several years ago, I was still very confused on major beliefs and I was searching for answers, not more questions. I know a lot of people really love Rob Bell. He holds no appeal for me whatsoever. I think I understand why he does for some. But I find him boring and almost annoying at times (his videos). I think it's because the way he talks and the sound of his voice reminds me of my past. So I feel repelled instead of drawn to his conversation.

Well, I need to be getting out the door. So I will put a wrap on this one. But I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts on Donald Miller's question.


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