I have been trying to stay focused on my new "job" of writing for a website. It's really convenient to be able to work from home. But you have to watch out for distractions. There are the obvious, of course ... Facebook and Email and the phone. But some are connected to the job.

The website I'm writing for is a property management and condo rental service for privately owned condos in Panama City Beach, Florida. The current site (http://www.visitpcb.com/) is already in my links. But the website we're currently working on will be a different and all new replacement for this one. We're getting closer and closer to having it go live. But there is just so much content for a site like this, as well as bugs to be worked out and pictures to be loaded, etc.

I have been writing articles for resorts, attractions, events, restaurants (my favorite ones to write, of course). Which brings me to my distraction of the day. This morning I started to research and write about Schooners Annual LobsterFest, which takes place in the month of September. I could hardly stop reading about it and looking at pictures in order to write my own article. I may want to write a book about it after I have actually attended the event!

So now I'm bugging John for a trip to Panama City Beach in September and I'm craving lobster. And it's really hard to move on to other event articles such as Thunder Beach, Softball Tournaments and Boat Races.

Surprise! Surprise! I notice a distinct increase in my enthusiasm for this job whenever the event involves food! I would also love to just keep looking at Schooners' live webcam of the beach. One nice perk about this job is going to be the work-related traveling and eating I will HAVE to do!

Better get my head out of the plate of lobster I'm envisioning and back to work for now, though.


Anonymous said…
sounds good

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