Biopsy is Back: It's Benign!

Dr. Hollis just called to tell me that my biopsy results came back and there is no evidence of malignancy or even precancerous cells in the tissue he removed from my tongue last Monday. He told me the classification of the tumor in medical terminolgy, which I can't even remember right now. But he said the term basically meant scar tissue. So my dentist was correct. I have apparently bitten my tongue in the same spot repeatedly.

I am so relieved not to have to wonder about this until my follow up visit on Friday. I impulsively Googled "benign tongue tumors" last night. I did it to reassure myself of all the various growths that could be benign. But in every web page that addressed benign tumors, there were also warnings about cancerous tumors. And two things I read heightened my concern. The first was that growths on the side of the tongue tend to be cancer more often than growths on the top of the tongue. Mine was on the side. The other was that although it is unlikely for a nonsmoker/nondrinker to have oral cancer, in the cases where a nonsmoker/nondrinker does have it, it's often a more aggressive cancer. Those two things together brought anxiety right before going to bed.

I don't smoke and never have. I do drink alcohol occasionally, but mostly white wine or an occasional margarita or sweet drink. And never to excess. But I knew I could be one of those "rare cases."

I asked my Facebook friends to say a prayer for me last night that I would be able to sleep. Anxiety in the middle of the night is always magnified. And I was very anxious when I went to bed. But I knew somebody was praying right after I posted the request because I laid down and could not keep my eyes open for even ten minutes. I slept like a baby.

Of course, I hoped that oral cancer was not in God's plan for my life, but I told Him before I went to sleep that my life was in His hands and I knew He could give me peace no matter what His plan for me turned out to be. I meant it with all my heart. Nevertheless, I am thankful, happy and relieved for the good news.
A BIG thanks to all of you who prayed for me this past week!


Anonymous said…
so glad tht you were so lucky too have a benign biopsy god bless you