Marian's Bone Marrow Biopsy Results

We found out today that Marian's bone marrow has been reduced from 80-90% CLL infiltration to 30%. She began treatment with CAL-101 the first week of October. I fully expected an improvement in her marrow considering the great response in her blood and lymph nodes. But I had no idea how much improvement we could expect.

This is obviously great news! Her next regular checkup is in May.

If you check my blog and there isn't a recent update, always remember that no news is good news.
John and Marian are both doing well, which means that there isn't much to report on my blog. But I always post their status after their bi-monthly checkups.

John is approaching the completion of his first twelve cycles in April. However, he will not stop treatment at the end of this first phase. He will continue taking CAL-101 for as long as it keeps working. I'm hoping that turns out to be at least another thirty-forty years. : )

Or a cure would also be nice.