Marian Update: Another Good Report

I thought I would post an update to let you all know how well Marian is doing. She saw Dr. Flinn today and had lab work. She has been back on CAL-101 for a couple of weeks now and continues to respond very well. Her WBC is down to 12.5 and her platelets are up to 256 this week. Her HGB and HCT are still a little low, but Dr. Flinn explained that Valcyte (antiviral specifically for CMV infection) suppresses bone marrow production of healthy red cells. So, hopefully, those numbers will start to show more improvement once she is off that drug. She has to have two consecutive "negative for CMV" blood tests before she can stop taking it. She has already had the first one, and hopefully the blood drawn today will also come back negative in a day or two. They don't get instant results for CMV.

I have talked to Marian on the phone several times this week, but hadn't seen her since last Thursday's appointment. (She's back home in Evansville now.) I couldn't get over how wonderful she looked today. She said she still tires easily, but is really feeling good. I could tell. Her glow is back. (My mother-in-law is a beautiful woman for any age, but especially for 78 years old.)

Such a relief!

She doesn't have to go back for two weeks this time. My brother-in-law brought her to Nashville for today's appointment, but she hopes to drive herself down next time and spend a few days at
Camp Howerton ... her home away from home ... and have some fun here for a change! : )


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