Yet Another Update...

Dr. Flinn called me this morning to confirm that he also does not believe Marian's hypercalcemia was caused by dehydration. He believes it was actually the other way around. He explained that dehydration does cause hypercalcemia, but hypercalcemia also causes dehydration. So it's a vicious cycle and can sometimes lead to a misdiagnosis.

Hypercalcemia in cancer patients can be a serious and significant development. Therefore, he needs to see her as soon as possible. The front office didn't realize it was an urgent appointment and they scheduled her for next week because that was the first available opening in his schedule. But he said he would work her in regardless of how booked he is. I told him we would get her there tomorrow.

A week ago, her calcium level was only slightly elevated. And then it suddenly spiked to a dangerously high level. So it is a more urgent situation at this point. I don't know what we'll find out tomorrow. I know there will be further testing of her blood and I'm wondering if she may have to have another bone marrow biopsy. She has seemed to be responding to CAL-101. Her white count has started coming down in recent weeks and her lymph nodes have decreased in size. But hypercalcemia can be a sign of disease progression in cancer patients. So I'm feeling a bit confused. I'm glad we will be seeing Dr. Flinn tomorrow.

I will post something after our visit with Dr. Flinn. I try to communicate personally with the immediate family, but it's hard to personally inform every single person who is concerned. I know many of you (friends and extended family) care about Marian deeply and want to know how she's doing. So I will keep the updates coming.

Thanks so much for your prayers and concern!


Anonymous said…
Shari, we will keep praying for all of you! We love you all.

Linda Mercer

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