Saturday Morning Update

Marian seemed to have a more restful night. She ran a temp of 102 all through the night, but it was down to 100.6 the last time they checked. They weighed her this morning and she's lost about five pounds since being admitted. She is still on oxygen and apprently still needing it. It got disconnected for about five minutes (came loose) and she was immediately short of breath. But she was fine again as soon as we discovered the problem.

She just told me that she feels miserable for some reason. I think it's hard to stay comfortable lying in the same bed continuously.

They have a little kitchenette area on this floor where I can go get fresh ice and water any time without having to ask the nurses. There's also a coffee maker, a microwave and a fridge. I went to get her some fresh ice water just now and someone was making a fresh pot of coffee. So I will go get a cup for us in a couple of minutes. Right now, even coffee with sweet 'n low and powdered creamer sounds good to me. (I much prefer half and half and splenda, but who's complaining?)

If anyone reading this is coming to visit her today, there is one thing she needs: soft facial tissue. The hospital brand feels like sandpaper.

Later in the day, when other family members get here, I'm considering going home and coming back in the morning with John. We'll see how she's doing. I can always come back for the night if she wants me to. But she should continue to improve at this point.

By the way, she said my snoring did not keep her awake. That is a miracle. I was on a fold out bed right next to her. And I slept too. Better than I thought I would.

Thank you for praying.

Gotta go check on that coffee now.


Shari said…
Found out from the nurse after I posted that her potassium and albumin are low. They will probably be giving her a pill for the potassium and she needs to consume more protein to get the other number up to normal. We got some Ensure Plus into her for breakfast, along with half a poached egg and half a banana. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it took a lot of effort and literally wore her out.