A Really Good Day...

Marian is spending all of her time sitting up in a chair now. She walked twice today. She ate well. Food is starting to taste good to her again. And she is being weaned off of the oxygen. When I left near 7:00 pm, she had been off the oxygen for a couple of hours and was maintaining an acceptable oxygen saturation. They'll check her frequently throughout the night to make sure it stays that way.

Dr. Flinn thinks she will be able to come home (to our house) Wednesday or Thursday, barring any unforeseen complications.

She was scheduled for an aspiration of some remaining fluid in her lungs this afternoon, but the pulmonologist changed his mind and didn't do the procedure. There was such a small amount of fluid, it did not merit the risks of the procedure.

When she was brought back to her room, she was telling the gentleman who transported her about her CLL and the recent health issues that put her in the hospital. Without hesitation, he asked if he could pray with us and we said yes. He then laid hands on her and prayed powerfully over her, commanding the pneumonia to leave her body by the power and blood of Jesus. I don't know if Marian had ever had anyone pray over her this way, but it was a very positive experience and she was so thankful for him. I felt the Holy Spirit in the room and Marian was visibly touched by his prayer. We both felt like he was a Godsend to her - to us - this afternoon.

Today was a really good day. It was just Marian and me and I enjoyed every minute with her. I haven't felt tired or stressed. And I wasn't eager to leave the hospital. I felt like I wanted to stay just as long as I could.

I am so relieved she is doing so much better.


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