Marian is being admitted to the hospital.

My mother-in-law is being hospitalized in Evansville tonight (by her primary care physician) for her high blood calcium. She went to see him today and was diagnosed with bronchitis. But he also drew her blood and her calcium level is higher than last week, which is serious. He told her it was an emergency situation and to be at the hospital within an hour. She wasn't sure what the exact number was when I asked. She just knew it had gone up.

I will be driving up there in the morning so I can be with her and communicate with her doctor in person, ask questions, understand the situation better, etc. I will also call Dr. Flinn to let him know what's going on. I don't even know what her MD suspects as the cause. And I feel apprehensive about her being in anyone's care other than Dr. Flinn, to be perfectly honest. In case this could be a complication of her leukemia, I wish she was being admitted here at Centennial, but I can't control that.

Please say a prayer that the cause of this will be quickly and properly diagnosed. And please also say a prayer for me. I want to be a good patient advocate without being offensive to anyone. I tend to be fairly assertive in these kinds of situations because of my concern for "my" patient and my pro-active nature.

I feel very stressed right now. I would just feel so much better if Dr. Flinn was the one diagnosing this. I don't like not knowing the details. And Marian couldn't remember much of what her doctor said other than that it wasn't her parathyroid (because her PTH was low) and it was important for her to get to the hospital quickly.

I will keep you updated as soon as I know more. Thanks for your prayers.