Long Night

This has felt like the longest night so far. It's almost 4:00 a.m. and I can't lay there anymore. I'm hurting all over. I'm not sick. It's just the third night in a row of not sleeping on a real bed and listening for any noise that indicates Marian needs help. I never did take a Benadryl. I haven't been as congested tonight.

They put Marian back on the breathing machine by about 10:00 p.m. She did fine. She stayed on it for about two and a half hours again. But she is back to the more labored sleeping, making lots of moaning and groaning noises in her sleep almost continuously this whole night.

The nurse was just in here and told me that even after using the breathing machine and being on the highest level of oxygen they can give her (without putting her on the ventilator), she has still been hovering at 92%. Right now she is at 86%. So they just gave her a little more Ativan and are putting her back on the machine. They are running out of options. I'm wondering if she is going to wind up in ICU.

When her nurse told me that the response team had just looked at her again and agreed that she needs to be back on the breathing machine, I decided I would just get up. I'm really not sleeping anyway.

There is snow all over the ground and it is still snowing lightly.

Just in the few seconds between taking off the oxygen mask and putting the breathing machine mask back on her, Marian's oxygen saturation went down to 83%.  But once she was switched over to the machine, it went back up to 88%, a few minutes later 94% and now it is registering 97%. The machine blows air in and out of her lungs and expands them with each breath. They are hoping she can stay on it for at least another two hours.

The nurse just asked if I was working and I told her, no, I'm just keeping family and friends updated on what's happening.


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