Live from the Sarah Cannon Wing of Centennial Hospital...

For that to be funny, you probably need to hear the above sentence read by John in his professional infomercial voice.

I posted a picture of Marian on Facebook yesterday, just before they wheeled her from Dr. Flinn's office to her hospital room at Centennial. One of my sisters-in-law (Lu Anne) teased, "I can't believe you put that pic on Facebook!" And then another sister-in-law (Connie) commented, "It's just like a reality show..."

I was actually trying to lighten the moment by snapping a picture of Marian in the wheelchair. And I asked permission before sharing it. She knows I post on my blog and Facebook to keep everyone informed. And she wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the prayers and hugs that so many of you have sent to her through me!

She had an eventful "wee hours of the morning." She had sweating and then chills, and experienced extreme shortness of breath. They took her vitals and must have been concerned because Marian said that suddenly there was a handful of medical personnel responding to her condition.

Dr. Flinn had ordered a chest x-ray yesterday upon admitting her. And we were told this morning that she has pneumonia. Her high fever during the night caused the sweats and chills. And it was both the hypercalcemia and the peumonia that's been making her so weak and short of breath. On Monday she was diagnosed with bronchitis by her PCP in Evansville. But she may have actually had pneumonia all along.

When Marian called me this morning to tell me about the response team experience early this morning, I was so thankful Dr. Flinn had admitted her. And I made the decision right then that I would be spending the night here tonight. I think she's doing enough better that she probably would have been fine without me. But I wanted to stay anyway -- even if it's just for moral support. If she continues to improve and get stronger, I may feel comfortable sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night.

We still don't know the cause of her hypercalcemia at this point. Right now the first order of business is getting her over the pneumonia. The infection from the pneumonia would "light up" the PET scan, which could obscure something else. So she won't have the PET scan until the pneumonia is cleared up or almost gone. I asked this morning if the pneumonia might be the cause of the hypercalcemia and was told that it would be very unusual, but not impossible.

She has been on antibiotics, IV fluids and oxygen today. Her calcium level is down to normal. And Dr. Flinn said her blood counts look good. He told her to plan on being here until Monday. And as bad as she has been feeling, she is in no hurry to leave.

Right now she is trying to rest but feeling pretty uncomfortable. I can tell she feels worse at night. Which is another reason I thought I would just go ahead and stay.

A few minutes ago I told her,
"If you wake up in the middle of the night and need help with anything at all,
I don't want you to hesitate to wake me up even if I'm asleep.
Remember: I'm not here for a good night's sleep."

We laughed and she promised to wake me.