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Marian is sleeping more restfully right now. One of Marian's nurses noticed that Marian often breathes through her mouth and wondered if that might be part of the reason her oxygen level keeps dropping and then it comes up when they come in and remind her to take deep breaths through her nose. She suggested that, at least while sleeping, Marian might want to put an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth instead of just the little tips in her nostrils. She is wearing it now and I think it's helping. With the mask on, whether she breathes through her nose OR her mouth, she's getting the oxygen.

Today has been up and down. There have been times when Marian has seemed better and times when I've felt discouraged with her lack of progress. But I think possibly the sedation last night and this morning for the bronchoscopy is still working its way out of her system. And maybe that's been part of the reason she has slept so much. Lu Anne mentioned that she slept a lot more today than yesterday. Since I've been here around the clock, I think sometimes the days and nights blur together in some ways. I've seen her sleeping so much that I hadn't really thought about the amount of time she was alert yesterday until Lu mentioned it.

I look forward to seeing Dr. Flinn and also the pulmonologist tomorrow. I probably won't want to go home until both have been in and talked to us. But after that, I think I will take the advice I would give to anyone else and spend a night at home in my own bed. I only saw John for about an hour tonight because he wasn't feeling good all day and I wanted him to rest and feel better -- so I discouraged him from coming. I would have loved to have him here. I miss him so much when we have to be apart. But I really didn't think it was in his best interest to push himself.

I wanted to post one more update tonight before I try to get some rest because I thought I might have sounded kind of blue in the last one. But I'm feeling better.

Marian ate a whole Yoplait yogurt and about a third of a banana tonight. Lu has been so wonderful about bringing different things that we can try to offer Marian other than the hospital food. Most of the time Marian says nothing sounds good to her. But tonight she really did make a greater effort, which was encouraging to me.

I was just told that they do want Marian to use the breathing machine again tonight. So I'm really glad I stayed. I just feel better about being able to know immediately if she is having any distress so I can get the nurse for her. I don't like the idea of her having anxiety and being alone. They will give her Ativan again. But they are going to wait until later to give it to her since she had some sedation earlier for the bronchoscopy. They would like to make sure all of that is out of her system before they give her any more. Her oxygen saturation is hovering at 91% right now with the oxygen canula at the highest setting.

Being in this hospital room just closes up my sinuses something awful. But I guess I better hold off on taking a Benadryl if I'm going to be semi-alert when they put Marian back on the breathing machine.

Thanks for your prayers and all the sweet messages many of you have sent me.


Shari said…
One really good thing I forgot to mention today is that I asked Dr. Berdeja this morning if he thought it was possible that the hypercalcemia was related to the pneumonia. He said he thinks it probably is. This would be great news because it would mean that it's not malignancy related and isn't a sign of her CLL transforming into something more aggressive.
Anonymous said…
Shari - we love you and John and are praying for all of you!

Linda, Ben & Isaac

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