Thanksgiving 2010

I have not had much time for my blog this week. I did all of my Thanksgiving shopping Monday, went to treatment and lunch with Marian Tuesday, then spent all of Wednesday and most of Thursday in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving is a lot of work, but it is always worth it. This year was extra special for me. If you read my blog with any regularity, you know how tough last year was. John was undergoing chemo and it was strongly recommended that he not be around kids (little germ carriers). It was a lonely time for me. John didn't feel social because he was so sick. But I felt isolated. When you are going through something so difficult at a time when most everyone around you is feeling festive, there is a sense of isolation that is very hard to describe. You have to experience it yourself to fully grasp it. And I would never wish that for anyone. I got through last year by thinking about and looking forward to this year. And it's hard to believe that this year is here already. This time last year is still so vivid in my memory, as if it only happened two or three months ago. I'm really thankful that John is stable and we are able to enjoy the holidays.

I'm not one to take for granted the simple pleasures in life anyway, but I am even less likely to since John's diagnosis.

Another reason this year was extra special for me has to do with my nieces and nephews. For the last week or two the older ones have been letting me know (mostly on Facebook) how much they were looking forward to coming to our house for Thanksgiving. Knowing they were excited about spending the day together meant a lot to me. I adore my nieces and nephews.

I am so glad Rebecca reminded us that we needed to take a group picture. Sometimes trying to get a picture of an entire group (including uncooperative kids and/or a crying baby) seems like too much effort. But it's an effort you never regret. This was such a happy Thanksgiving. I'm glad we preserved the memory.

The guy sitting next to Chris is John's brother, Rob. Rob blinked in this shot, but it is the only one where Jackson is looking at the camera. Back Row left to right: Shari, John, Lexi, Matt, Karlie, Cheryl, Joshua, Rebecca holding Pax. Seated: Danny holding Andrew, Jackson, Chris holding Nicole, Rob and Marian.
Karlie, Matt and Lexi with Aunt Shari...
The young cousins (Nicole, Jackson, Andrew and Joshua) watching Toy Story 3 in my bed...

Rob, Marian and I are off to see a movie on this Black Friday. I have never had the energy for Black Friday shopping. I am all about Black Friday RELAXING.


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