Pictures in Recent Years...

Shari, John and Lillian.

01.04.04 (The day I officially became a Howerton.)

Lillian with her youngest daughter Olivia.

Lillian with Rebecca Bryant 
and niece Taylor Howerton.

Newly engaged.
Lillian and Bennie, August 2005.

John, Stacy (cousin), Rob, Harris, Lillian and Marian
August, 2005.
Showing off her engagement ring to brother Rob.

Thanksgiving 2005.
Bennie, Lillian and Kim.

Lillian goofing around with John, Me and Bailey.

Lillian with daughter Olivia and grandson Sonny...
...Christmas 2005.

The five siblings with Marian (Rob, Jeff, John, Harris, Lillian and Marian).

The last Christmas picture I have of everyone together was taken in 2006.
Jeff is not taller than his brothers. This was one of their usual goofing around shots.
They all get on their tip toes or jump to try to look like the tallest.
But "little brother" is really the "biggest brother."

We love you, Lillian. And it will never be the same without you.


Lee Ann said…
Thank you for posting these love filled pictures of Lee and your family.
Maggie May said…
I bounced here on accident, and ended up reading through many of your posts. I left without commenting, but felt compelled on second thought to come back and say something. Your posts reveal a woman with an amazingly strong and embracing heart. We are very different- you live your life based round religion and Christ, and I am not religious or a believer, although I have respect for those who are, and see how much strength and peace others can draw from their faith. You have a much more gentle nature than I do, I believe, I am still a bit feisty, and our ages and lives are just very different.
Your honesty, your self reflection, your devotion to family, your love for your husband, your reaching for a better life and personhood- all of these are so clear and absolutely lovely to read here. And I believe I aspire for these same things.
I am so sorry about your sister in law. I know from reading your recent entries you did not expect to lose her so soon, what a shock for all of you, and her poor husband, so recently married. I am glad she had such a loving supportive family around her the last few years, and I hope you try to turn more of that tender care toward yourself as you walk through life.
Chuck Frary said…
Shari, Thanks for the pictures of "Lee". When John and I were juniors in high school I remember Lee's laugh (and she could laugh BIG). And what a great voice. I will see you and John on Saturday. Chuck

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