Simple Things Can Make My Day

A lighthearted blog post for a change...

John and I have a typical conversation on Sundays. I start asking what we're going to do for dinner about mid-morning. He looks at me (every time) like I'm some sort of alien. He doesn't think about what he wants for dinner until it's time for dinner. But I like to plan ahead (especially when it comes to eating).

One reason I ask early is because I want to know before the last minute if I'm going to cook. The other reason is that I like to be able to look forward to what I'm going to eat. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Food is way too important in my life.

Today our conversation was untypical.

Shari:  "I'm not going to ask you over and over what you want for dinner today. Just tell me if you think of something you want me to cook."

John:  "I was thinking we could eat those king crab legs tonight." (He frequently buys fresh seafood from the Pacific Northwest and recently ordered king crab legs online from Alaska, which are in the freezer.)

Shari:  "That sounds great! I'll make roasted red potatoes and steamed fresh veggies to go with them. I love it when we decide what we're doing for dinner in the morning!"

John:  "Well, I'm glad I could brighten your day, Dear."
(And we both laugh. I'm glad he finds me amusing -- instead of annoying -- in the areas where we are different.)

I will look forward to our king crab dinner all day now. I just have to stop thinking of additional side items.

We gave up our Titans tickets so someone else could go today and we're watching at home. We went to church last night. So I will not have to leave the house today. I love days when I don't leave the house. I will not have to style my hair or apply a drop of make up. (Yes!) I'm sipping my third cup of coffee, sitting on the couch with John, watching the Titans in my PJs, and I know what we're having for dinner.

Right now, the only thing keeping this from being a perfect day is the way the Titans are playing.


Shari said…
We just scored. Maybe there's hope.
Shari said…
Now that was a finish I never would have imagined. I am one happy Titan fan.
I love it! And I love days like that.
Hope you delight in the crab legs, game and pajamas!

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