Please Pray for Lillian

I just wanted to ask my readers to please say a prayer for my sister-in-law, Lillian Howerton Arnold, when you read this. We received an email from her tonight telling us that her surgeon has the results of her recent pet scan and has asked her to come into his office to talk about strategy tomorrow. She does not think she will be getting good news. She also has a horrendous infection in her lower jaw.

For new readers who don't know what Lillian has been through; in May of 2009 she was diagnosed with a very invasive throat cancer and had to undergo radical surgery to get it all out. She lost parts of her throat, her tongue, her soft palate, all her teeth. She lost her taste buds from the radiation. She has had to have a feeding tube ever since this surgery and she has suffered so many setbacks, complications, side effects and infections. There have been so many rough days for her. But, through it all, she has maintained such a grateful and positive attitude. And she has given her life to Jesus. She knows she is in His hands.

In her email tonight she asked us to pray hard for her. I prayed for years that God would reveal His Son to her in a powerful way. That prayer was answered. I know her eternity is far more important than the length of her days on earth and I want to always accept God's will, knowing that He is working all things for our good. But the desire of my heart is that she would have many more days here with us and be able to enjoy quality of life again.

I love my sister-in-law very much. So I just wanted to ask for your prayers. I'll let you know how she's doing as soon as I know more. Thank you.


Robin said…
I will pray for her Shari - and the whole family.

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