Doctor Appointments

I am wondering what today will hold. I take my mother-in-law to see Dr. Flinn for her regular three month check today. When I saw him Thursday with John we laughed about how I see him twice as much as either of his patients.

At the last visit, Dr. Flinn told us that the trend in Marian's bloodwork indicates treatment stage is approaching. He said then that it might be necessary in three months or she could stabilize for a while and not have to think about it for another nine months. Fortunately, there are some good options other than the strong chemo John had this time last year. But I'm hoping she will stay stable for at least a few more months.

I heard from Lillian last night. She has an appt. with a surgeon at Vandy scheduled for September 30. So it looks like she will come here for her next surgical intervention. As I mentioned previously, she has more cancer in her lower jaw and under her tongue. And the surgery for this is very specialized.

It's hard to think about the possibility of Marian having to begin treatment at the same time Lillian is going through such major surgery and embarking upon another difficult recovery. Hopefully, Marian can avoid treatment until at least the first of the year. But whatever happens, God will give us the strength we need to deal with it.

I'm really just rambling this morning as I ponder what lies ahead for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I'm thankful that John is stable with his CLL right now. Hoping he stays that way.

I will give an update on today's test results this evening.


Shari, You certainly are surrounded by hard situations. I pray you would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of living--that you would always be strong and take heart.--Psalm 27:13

I also like bios-- it's encouraging and inspiring to see what the human spirit (and body) is capable of.
Shari said…
Thank you, Marcia. I'm holding up well and I definitely do see the goodness of the Lord all around me! I am just so very thankful that John is responding well to his treatment right now. That is such a relief to me that I feel like I can handle everything else. God's grace is sufficient!

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