I finally made it to the Bell Buckle Cafe...

. . . and I was not disappointed!

This afternoon we went to Bell Buckle again. We wanted to see the interior of the house I mentioned in my last post. By the time we finished talking to the agent, it was a little after 6:00 and we hadn't eaten. So I suggested we could stop and eat dinner there. I have been wanting to go for the last seven years. But for some reason, I just never have. In fact, prior to this week, I had never even seen Bell Buckle. It was even smaller than I pictured. I knew it wasn't a large town, but I realized I had envisioned a square. Instead, there is just one strip of storefront establishments across from the railroad tracks. And one of those establishments is the Bell Buckle Cafe.

I was so excited to finally see it. I can't tell you how many times I have heard: "YOU haven't been to the Bell Buckle Cafe yet?" I think the shock and amazement has had something to do with my reputation as a "food enthusiast." Just about everybody around here has eaten at the Bell Buckle Cafe.

I had a big salad at Newk's today for lunch and I wasn't exactly starving. I could have skipped dinner tonight. But I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. I was tempted to try one of their hamburgers, but really didn't want to eat beef. So, instead, I had a vegetable plate. My selections were white beans with ham, fried red potatoes, tomatoes & cucumbers, and vinegar coleslaw. My grandma used to make vinegar coleslaw and I always loved it. John had the creamy coleslaw with his dinner and he gave me a bite. Both were excellent.

My vegetable plate came with an old fashioned cornbread flapjack on top of the food. I love cornbread and beans, so I was happy to see this unexpected "extra" on my plate. John had a grilled chicken breast with red potatoes, creamy coleslaw and red beans & rice. We were both very full after our meals, but we shared a piece of Oatmeal Cake with Caramel Sauce anyway. John told me how good it was and I'd already heard from friends that it was a "must have" at Bell Buckle Cafe. So I couldn't leave there without tasting it.

It was scrumptious. It was so dense, it reminded me of a bread pudding (but better). It's served warm with a generous amount of caramel sauce spooned over the cake. Even though it wasn't a huge piece of cake, I can't imagine eating the whole serving myself. We shared a piece and still left a few bites. Next time, I plan to try the Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cake. The first time I visit any restaurant, decisions are very difficult for me. I want to try everything in one visit.

If you have never shared a meal with me, you probably cannot imagine my enthusiasm for good food. A friend once asked John, "When she eats a piece of celery, does she say it's the best celery she's ever had?" I was really excited to finally eat at Bell Buckle Cafe. And, of course, I knew I would have to share the experience on my blog. My blog can use a lighthearted entry every now and then!

Oh yeah, they had the cutest Bell Buckle t-shirts. One version said: "What happens in Bell Buckle stays in Bell Buckle." And then there was another stack that had "stays in Bell Buckle" crossed out and underneath that it said: "beats you home."


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