Unless I have made plans to meet a friend for breakfast, Saturdays are usually completely laid back days at home for me. Okay, so laid back is really a euphemism for lazy. Who am I kidding? I spend time on the computer. I read. I exercise. I get in the tub for a long soak and read some more. And ultimately I get ready to go to church and dinner. I might do a load of laundry or some other minor "chore." But only if I feel like it.

I will be the first to admit that I have a great life. Having discretionary time to spend however you choose is, to me, one of the greatest luxuries life affords. Fortunately for John, shopping is not high in my priorities for how I like to spend time. I would rather get in the tub with a great book than visit a mall any day of the week (not just Saturdays).

John has never taken Saturdays off unless we are going out of town or have some kind of plans. He likes going to the dealership on Saturday mornings because it's quiet and there are things he can catch up on with less commotion and distraction. Although I don't think I ever complained, earlier in our marriage I did frequently mention that I wished he would take Saturdays off (all the time). I would still like that. But I rarely even think about it these days. I'm settled into our routine. I'm pleased he has stopped working such long days and is usually home or headed home by 5:00 pm. On Saturdays he is home much earlier. I'm thankful that he is in a position to take off when he wants to (within reason); thankful that he seems to want to more and more these days. And I have come to enjoy my quiet Saturdays...

But Sundays are still my favorite day of the week. With few exceptions, it is our "alone" day. And whether we see a movie or just cruise around looking for open houses, the day always wraps up with a great dinner somewhere (which is all it takes to make me happy!). No matter what kind of week I've had, our Sundays are relaxing and rejuvenating.

I would be a fool to complain about my husband's work ethic. Yes, he is a worker bee. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is prone to put himself on the back burner personally. But it's that same work ethic that results in him nudging me aside as he insists on doing the dishes following every meal (including holidays). I say, "I don't work. You do. I should do the dishes." And he says, "But you cooked." (He says this even when we just have a salad!) A lot of husbands expect certain things, like a cooked meal. My husband expects nothing and appreciates everything I do for him. Believe me, I know I am blessed.

Last night I tried to get John to sit down and relax and let me clean up (for a change). I knew he hadn't slept well the night before and he'd had a very challenging day at the dealership. He left me in front of the sink for all of five minutes while he changed clothes and then scooted me out of his way so he could hand wash the pots and pans I had cooked with.

Forgive me for gagging you, my readers, with my frequent tributes to John. But he is such a great husband and he really does deserve to be raved about. I'm so thankful God gave ME the opportunity to know, love, and appreciate him.

And now I will move from the computer to the stairmaster, which is one step closer to the tub.
I like Saturdays.