I realized this morning that it's been over a week since I've written anything on my blog. That's unusual for me. But my plate has been full. And I have been extra tired the past few days.

When I'm tired, distracted, or even just a little busier than usual, I don't feel as inclined to write. I tend to read instead.

For those of you who check my blog for updates on John; the CAL-101 is still working beautifully on his lymph nodes. If it wasn't for the unyielding stress of running a business, I think he would be feeling a lot better.


Missed you Shari! Praying for rejuvenation for you and continued healing for John! P.S. I usually am in bed by 8:30-mainly to read but I'm successful if I get in 1 hour before sleepy-time. The downside is that it makes for an early morning (4 a.m.) for the doggies. Good news-I can let them out in the backyard and usually go back to sleep until my normal wakeup time; Bad news-I tend to have wacky dreams within that 2 hour span-probably would be a better idea to stay up and read, exercise or write-If only I could take a nap @ work!

Thinking of you.

Shari said…
Thanks, Janet & Hillary!

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