Life on the CLL Rollercoaster

I went with Marian to see Dr. Flinn yesterday. Her white count is increasing and her red counts are dropping. She appears to be approaching the threshold for treatment. We'll see the doctor again in three months. One never knows what to expect next with CLL. She could stabilize or her counts could even improve by her next appointment. But if her trends continue, she will be needing treatment some time within the next 3-9 months in Dr. Flinn's opinion. I was so hoping she would never need treatment.

The latest with John is that he is having some swelling on one side of his neck. Most all of the nodes have responded so well to CAL-101 that they are undetectable visually. But one or more nodes in this one spot are growing and causing discomfort. We don't have any idea what this means. But we see Dr. Flinn tomorrow. Maybe he will increase the dose.

John is under a tremendous amount of stress in his business right now. It never seems to lighten up for him. And it makes me wonder if stress is a factor in his CLL progression. Maybe not. But it does seem that if it's not one thing, it's another. I don't want to complain. A lot of people have worse problems. But I'm really feeling for my poor husband at the moment. He has so much on him and I am helpless to fix any of it.

In case you've noticed that my blog keeps changing, I continue to experiment with the layout. I love the scroll background that I had, but I didn't like the way it cut off in the middle of the page. I want a continuous background from top to bottom. So I've been playing with different backgrounds and color themes all morning.

I'm still not quite satisfied with it but have to stop experimenting for now. I've piddled away too much of the morning already. For now, it will remain a work in progress...just like me.